His Ideal Woman, Based On His Venus Zodiac Sign

Let us reveal his ideal woman to you using astrology!

The Perfect Woman, According To His Zodiac Sign pexels

Finding out what kind of woman he wants is so tempting and equally difficult.

I mean, if you have known him long enough, maybe you have noticed whether he prefers brunettes over blondes just from his social media or dating history.

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But it’s trickier to find out anything besides what his type of woman looks like from this method. In fact, his ideal woman might be as elusive to him as she is to you, since, in his head, she might not have even arrived!

So figuring out the psychological and personality components of his ideal woman is extremely hard without some external help. Good thing is, astrology has laid out some ways you could figure out this information.

You see, everyone born on this earth has a Venus sign that has a lot of influence of the type of woman he falls hopelessly in love with!



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Now, you may be wondering what Venus horoscope sign is, and how you can find it. For the newbies in astrology, you can find his Venus sign just by knowing his birth date and year. A simple Google search that would help you find his Venus sign.

As to what Venus signifies, it is the planet in everyone’s birth chart that reveals that person’s love style, tastes, pleasures, and artistic pursuits. It could even show how a person handles his or her money.

Most importantly, though, it could show a guy’s ideal type of woman.



It’s true that our Sun zodiac signs, which are more commonly used, and even Moon signs make up our personalities and personal tastes. However, Venus is special for men who are interested in women in that it reveals how his ideal woman acts, dresses, and even looks like.

So if you want to understand what kind of woman makes him fall hard, look at each Venus zodiac sign's description of what he likes, per astrology!

Venus Zodiac Sign — ARIES


This guy loves an independent, free-spirited woman. He does not care about her looks as much. But his ideal lady love is definitely interesting and passionate!

He even enjoys a competitive streak in her from time to time. But make sure you don’t go overboard with that. Appearance wise, he likes a sporty, athletic look that seems to send the message that she’s anything but inactive.

Venus Zodiac Sign — TAURUS


He LOVES a traditionally feminine lady. You know, the kind that dresses nice, talks slow and smooth, and has impeccable manners? That’s his type! For long-term, he also prefers a woman who is prudent with her money but chooses to buy the best products she can afford.

This is because, to him, quality matters more than quantity. He also really admires honest and straightforward women.

Venus Zodiac Sign — GEMINI


His lady is anything but boring! In fact, she needs to be full of witty banter, funny anecdotes, and interesting trivia. He also likes socially active, friendly women. Bonus points if she’s intellectual, well versed in everything ranging from history to politics.

Gemini has a lot to do with the mind and speech. So, well-spoken women who can hold their own in conversations can easily attract this man.

Venus Zodiac Sign — CANCER


If the man has a Cancer Venus, he is looking for a nurturing, almost motherly type of woman. Usually, her career does not interest him as much. This doesn’t mean that he disapproves of women who have a career.

But, unless you are a schoolteacher passionate about helping children or an animal rights activist, he wouldn’t be as attracted to you by your career accomplishments.

Instead, he falls for the emotionally deep family-oriented lady, who can maybe sometimes bake him cookies! He also doesn’t like aggressive women, unlike some other men on this list.

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Venus Zodiac Sign — LEO


He usually gets attracted to the life of the party types. Confidence and charm will get you far with this guy. He also likes assertiveness in women and someone who can stand up for themselves is immensely attractive in his eyes.

Also, and this is important, he likes a woman who takes special care of her appearance and wears stylish clothes. To attract this man, you must be outgoing with a touch of glamour!

Venus Zodiac Sign — VIRGO


He is probably very picky, but his ideal woman is usually very responsible, smart, and down to earth. In terms of appearance, he likes understated women. Gaudy or flashy women might turn him off. Think classic styles that indicate the wearer is practical.

He also admires women who take care of their health and appearance. He might also like women who love their work or are very dedicated to their careers. Remember, he hates loud and brash behavior.

Venus Zodiac Sign — LIBRA


The ideal woman for a Libra Venus is stylish, diplomatic, and well-mannered. He can’t stand rudeness or crass behavior! Appearance matters to them a lot. So take care of yours.

He likes women who are cooperative and even a little codependent in relationships. Also, you should be informed enough to discuss topics ranging from the arts to politics with this guy.

Venus Zodiac Sign — SCORPIO


He looks for emotional depth in a woman and is turned off by superficiality. His ideal woman is intense, mysterious and somewhat powerful! He is probably a master at the game of seduction and craves to be with a woman who would play along.

But she must not play games, cause that would surely turn him off! She needs to be seductively playful instead of immature. Also, a strong personality might seem exciting to him.

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Venus Zodiac Sign — SAGITTARIUS

This guy loves a woman who still has not lost a child-like wonder! But she also needs to be honest, intelligent, and warm. Appearances don’t matter as much to these men. But the ideal woman would definitely be friendly, spontaneous, and fairly outgoing.

This man probably loves foreign cultures and accents. So you get bonus points if you are from another culture or speak a foreign language!


Venus Zodiac Sign — CAPRICORN

He wants his woman to be practical and traditional. A career-oriented woman is perfect for him. Bonus points if she has classic looks. Also, in their younger years, this guy tends to go for older women or significantly mature women. Whereas, in later years, he might go the other way.

In general, he likes to know that his lady is competent. And if the world recognizes you in some kind of way, he will try to win you over.



Venus Zodiac Sign — AQUARIUS

This guy LOVES the quirky girl. A woman who is brave and confident enough to stand out in a crowd is perfect in his eyes. She must also be progressive in her thoughts and stand up for the greater good.

Intelligence is also very attractive to this guy. So you must keep tabs on what is going on in the world.


Venus Zodiac Sign — PISCES

His lady is dreamy, feminine and even a little helpless! She is almost never too aggressive. She might also have artistic abilities, especially in the fields of music or painting.  

She must also have a rich emotional life in that she must be able to connect with him emotionally. Being able to be vulnerable is highly desirable in his ideal woman.


Mehruba Chowdhury is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.