Your Platonic Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A platonic soulmate is a soul connection that extends beyond a friendship.

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Every zodiac sign has its romantic soulmate. But did you know that you also have a platonic soulmate based on your zodiac sign? It all comes down to the zodiac signs that resonate the most with each other but tend to function better in a platonic setting. Maybe as friends, co-workers, teachers, parents, and so on.

Platonic soulmate astrology compatibility

Aries and Capricorn

At first glance, you would think Aries and Capricorn don't make sense as platonic soulmates. After all, Aries and Capricorn form a square aspect between themselves. But both of these cardinal signs have a lot of similarities that make them admire one another in platonic relationships.


Aries and Capricorn are both go-getters and courageous individuals. Aries expresses it through fiery impulsiveness and bold actions while Capricorn is more steady and considered in their approach. This common ground of ambition and fearlessness makes both Aries and Capricorn respect each other a lot. Aries and Capricorn may not always be on the same page with each other and have conflicts from time to time, but they recognize the strength and conviction of the other. In fact, Aries can make Capricorn more confident and open to new adventures while Capricorn can instill a healthy sense of caution and patience in Aries through their interactions.


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Gemini and Taurus

As adjacent zodiac signs, Taurus and Gemini are not at all like one another. Taurus is a fixed earth sign while Gemini is a mutable water sign. But they are each other's platonic soulmates because both are fun-loving at their core and do not like conflicts of any kind. Both Gemini and Taurus prefer enjoying the good times and having great conversations.

Taurus is a consummate lover of fine things in life and is not as closed off to new experiences as some people make them out to be. They actually enjoy trying new things when they bring comfort and luxury to their life and stimulate all their senses. This makes Taurus' platonic pairing with Gemini an excellent one because Gemini lives for new experiences and adventures. Especially those that stimulate their mind and expose them to a new circle of friends. Of course, Taurus might get possessive sometimes and Gemini can say a few nonsensical things, but these two will always be each other's platonic soulmates.

Virgo and Cancer

As an earth-water pair, Virgo and Cancer make sense together and they can often be in romantic relationships. But these two tend to be better platonic soulmates. Whether as a parent and child or colleagues who love gabbing about their favorite TV series, Virgo and Cancer are very sentimental with each other and take care of the other's feelings.


Cancer's association with Virgo can toughen Cancer up to criticisms and understand the value of marrying emotions with practicality. Virgo's association with Cancer can make Virgo kinder in the way they speak and less stressed about their minute failings in life. The two often become confidantes and help each other understand life from a fresh perspective which makes them perfect platonic soulmates.

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Leo and Libra

It's always a blast when Leo and Libra are in the house. As a fire-air pair, these two can be great in romantic relationships but they work better as platonic soulmates. Especially as friends.

Leo and Libra both love to socialize and have good fun. They also care a lot about their personal image and furthering themselves in the world. But Leo expresses it more in a larger-than-life, here-to-win kind of way while Libra prefers to be more inclusive and build their network as they conquer their ambitions. Their association together tempers Leo's ego and adds more panache to Libra's style. Of course, as a fixed sign and cardinal sign pair, Leo and Libra will often have fights and be stubborn about their stances. But at the end of the day, they are very supportive of each other and are platonic soulmates.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Fun-loving, talkative, and honest Sagittarius is the platonic soulmate of community-conscious and visionary Aquarius, and vice versa. As an air-fire pair, they often find themselves in romantic situations, but they do even better as friends, parent and child, or colleagues.

Both Sagittarius and Aquarius love learning about new things and expanding their horizons. But Sagittarius is the bigger risk-taker of the two while Aquarius is the more ambitious one. They always have an easy-going energy between them. Of course, as a mutable and fixed sign repsectively, Sagittarius tends to follow along with Aquarius most of the time, but each has a positive effect on the other. Sagittarius helps Aquarius be more socially aware while Aquarius can help Sagittarius complete the projects they begin and not give up in the middle. The two are each other's platonic soulmates.


Pisces and Scorpio

As a water-water pair, Pisces and Scorpio just make sense together and are often found in romantic relationships. But Scorpio and Pisces are better as platonic soulmates. Especially as friends and confidantes.

Both Pisces and Scorpio have very similar emotional temperaments. They are fascinated by the mysteries of life and the fantastical, they are deeply entwined with their emotions, and don't feel any shame in expressing themselves just as they are. They just do it in slightly different ways because Pisces is a mutable sign while Scorpio is a fixed sign. Associating with Scorpio can make Pisces more aware of the harsher realities of the world and stay more alert when they are outside. Associating with Pisces can temper Scorpio's natural pessimism and instill in them a sense of magic and hope. The two rarely have disagreements, but when they do they don't quickly end their association because of how deeply they care for each other. This allows Pisces and Scorpio to work through their differences and continue to be a positive influence on one another. 

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