The Synastry Aspect That Indicates Power Struggles In A Relationship

Mars square Pluto synastry isn't the most harmonious, but with vigilance, it can be overcome.

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When two people come together in a relationship, either sparks fly or red flags swarm up like nobody's business. And while it can be difficult to predict if the person you are with will be your happy ever after or an ex best forgotten, astrology can give you a headstart in knowing what the odds are like for the two of you.

All you have to do is overlay your astrological birth chart with your partner's and see the synastry between the two of you. If you see positive zodiac matches like Moon conjunct Venus, Sun trine Mars, or even Sun conjunct Ascendant, that's good news! But sometimes, you and your partner can have a not-so-positive astrology match between the two of you that can spell disaster for your relationship.


One such zodiac match is the Mars square Pluto synastry. Here's everything you need to know about it.

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Mars square Pluto synastry

Mars in your birth chart represents your energy, your personal drive, how you take action, and your sexual appetite. So when you have a synastry match between one person's Mars (a personal planet) and another person's Pluto (a generational or outer planet), some weird things come out of the woodwork.

Pluto is the planet of secrets, transformation, and destruction. It also creates strong sexual energy if it's close to a person's inner planets like Venus or Mercury or important natal chart points like the Ascendant or the Midheaven. And in a synastry match, the Pluto person has the same effect on the other person whose planets or points their Pluto is forming a strong aspect with.


If that aspect is a positive one, like a trine or a sextile, it can create strong camaraderie between the two individuals and make the relationship exciting. But if it's a challenging one, like a square, it can create some serious problems. A square aspect is formed between two planets or points when they are 90 degrees apart from each other and have the same modality — cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Such connections always create tension and conflict, but more of the passive-aggressive kind than the outright aggressive kind seen in oppositions and conjunctions.

Only, when you have a Mars square Pluto synastry, you can bet there won't be any passive-aggression with these two! In fact, Pluto is considered a higher octave planet of Mars in astrology.

The Mars person in a Mars square Pluto synastry will pique the interest of the Pluto person at first. But the relationship will soon become fraught with power struggles, especially for the Mars person who will start feeling that Pluto is trying to control or dominate them and not take them seriously.

Pluto likes to be in control, even if both Mars and Pluto are in a mutable sign in the square synastry. But because both individuals express themselves through the same mode (cardinal, fixed, or mutable), they will only end up butting heads with each other.


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The sexual chemistry between Mars and Pluto can be explosive and intense. But problems will crop up sooner or later in this synastry with Pluto trying to dominate Mars, or hating it when Mars tries to dominate them. The relationship can work out if Pluto engages with its transformative side more than its destructive side and allows Mars to take charge. But it can't be a one-way street for too long. Mars will also have to concede to Pluto from time to time.

This is what makes the square aspect extremely difficult to deal with in synastry. Neither party wants to give in. And if one does, the other takes advantage of it as a sign of weakness or submission instead of seeing it as a sign of “let's meet each other halfway”.


Mars square Pluto synastry can also lead to violence in a relationship with physical injury. And sometimes, because of Pluto, the relationship can become an emotional maze for the Mars person with the Pluto person emotionally manipulating them. This is especially pronounced if there's an age gap between Mars and Pluto with the Mars person being the much younger one in the pair.

Other things that are commonly experienced in a Mars square Pluto synastry are extreme jealousy, unhealthy obsession, growing frustration, and frequent drama.

Can a Mars square Pluto synastry still work out? The prognosis is not good if both partners are young/immature. But if both can respect each other's authority without passing judgment (even silent ones, which Pluto is known for), they can have a transformative effect on each other's life.


The only thing that is guaranteed to end this connection is if one or both partners subconsciously thinks they are superior to the other, which (no matter how smart they think they are) they usually telegraph through their body language, thus, pissing off the other. And lying that they were not being judgmental only works for so long in a Mars square Pluto synastry.   

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