The Astrology Match That Creates An Easy, Harmonious Relationship

This synastry aspect shows you're totally in tune.

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It takes a lot more than just meeting someone to create a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. And when it comes to astrology, synastry (or the aspects that occur when you compare birth charts) between two people can reveal a lot about a relationship's potential.

While some synastry aspects may reveal red flags for a relationship, others, such as the Sun trine Mars, are more favorable.

In astrology, the Sun is the most important luminary in your natal chart (followed by your Ascendant, or Rising sign, and Moon sign). It represents where you are headed in life and your true purpose.


Likewise, the planet Mars in astrology represents your drive, the way you fight for things (or just fight), and how you engage with another in a passionate, sexual manner.

When Sun and Mars come together in a trine aspect in synastry, which is a very supportive connection, it can mean very good things for you and your boo.

Sun trine Mars synastry

Both Sun and Mars are energetically masculine in astrology. So when these two come together in a trine synastry, their energies blend well together in a mutually harmonious manner.

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The Sun person brings vigor, power, and charisma to the relationship while the Mars person contributes raw energy, drive, and potency to the connection.

There's a high possibility for strong friendship when you have a Sun trine Mars synastry with someone, regardless of who the Sun person is and who the Mars person is. (Although, the trine does impact both parties in a slightly different manner.)

The Sun person cheers on the Mars person and is supportive of their dreams and ambitions. It can give the Mars person wings and also direction as the Sun person is a natural leader and the trine aspect puts both of them on the same page about important things in life, especially in career, goals, and viewpoint.

The Mars person adds more fire to the already fiery Sun person and makes them feel like they have a solid backup if they get into trouble or fights. The Mars person can also make the Sun person more competitive even if they aren't naturally interested in competing with anyone.


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Since this is a trine aspect, both Sun and Mars collaborate beautifully and give each other good advice when it comes to where they want to go and what they want to do.

This is especially important in relationships because, no matter how strong your emotional compatibility or sexual compatibility might be, if you don't feel like you are headed in the same direction as your partner, or you feel your partner is unsupportive of what you want to do, your relationship won't last very long.

Of course, in a romantic setting, Sun trine Mars synastry also makes each party very attracted to the other in a sexual way. This pair will have no problem openly talking about sex and how much they like to do it between the sheets.


This synastry makes you and your partner each other's best friend, sexual buddy, and partner-in-crime all at once. Even if neither of you starts out as friends!

Of course, given the nature of Sun and Mars, this trine synastry can make both partners a bad influence on each other too, especially if there isn't any grounding synastry between the two of you.

For example, that means if one partner likes to race cars and the other likes to blast music while driving, together the two will decide to blast music and drive at top speed, not paying a second of thought to either their safety or the safety of others on the road.

Ultimately, this aspect can be a blessing for both partners if both are more “masculine” in nature and big go-getters.


But if one partner has outdated beliefs about relationships and wants to be the alpha and have the other person be the beta, then Sun trine Mars synastry will quickly turn both individuals into enemies. So beware!

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