How To Naturally Be More Productive, According To Astrology

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To see where you may need an extra push to be more productive, it is best to look at the sign located in your sixth house. The sixth house represents our day-to-day lives and how we develop routines that can help us to be most productive. Building routines and learning how to make them work for us allows us to become more productive.

This is a house of magic and skill. It is one of the overlooked houses but it is so important because it can teach us a lot about what can bring us joy daily.

How to be more productive, according to astrology

See how each sign in the sixth will impact your routine and how you can draw inspiration from it.

Aries rising: Virgo in the 6th house

To become more productive, you will be more comfortable with creating a routine since this is a Mercury-ruled house. Mercury-ruled placements like to track things, so planning with an old-fashioned calendar or utilizing an app will allow you to stay ahead of your game. Schedule when you want to start your day and set those alarms. You may feel a lot more confident when you have your routine going.

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Taurus rising: Libra in the 6th house

Focusing on your imaginative projects can help you get going and inspired. With a Venus-ruled sixth house, inspiration is essential and you will be a lot more comfortable with a plan and direction. It is easier for you when you set your eyes on the prize, so if you have been working on a creative project but lack drive make sure to stay up to date with your goals to stay on track and fuel productivity.

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Gemini rising: Scorpio in the 6th house

Mars-ruled signs can be more productive by focusing on their passion by thinking about how they can claim their next victory. The mornings are a great time for Gemini risings to relax and slow things down as their Scorpio sixth house plans to make moves for the day. It is a good way to get prepared for work or school because you will always be on the go. 

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Cancer rising: Sagittarius in the 6th house

Falling in love with learning is a good way to get up early. Having Sagittarius in the sixth will make the native curious, so fuel the love of learning by doing things you want to learn more about. This can also help the native to develop mastery and skill in topics they are passionate about. You could surprise yourself with how much you get to accomplish by starting small and staying consistent.

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Leo rising: Capricorn in the 6th house

Capricorn in this position likes to create magic and the native thrives when they have goals in mind. Leo risings can appreciate day-to-day structure and are not afraid to pursue it. Start by reflecting on your success and accomplishments and then think about your goal. Release the stress, be patient with yourself, and know you are ready to take on the world. Make sure not to give up and always rework those plans to suit your schedule.

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Virgo rising: Aquarius in the 6th house

Do what brings you happiness and even curiosity. Reading a new book, starting a course or even catching up with friends. You enjoy a routine, so it should come from the heart. Aquarius in this house enjoys some spontaneity but may respect structure, so switch things up a bit now and then if you feel bored. Productivity for you is fueled when you are aligned with your passions and projects.

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Libra rising: Pisces in the 6th house

Journaling and reading can help the Libra rising to get a lot more focused and feel more in control of their productivity levels. This position thrives on planning and getting things done. Weekends can be a good time to keep track of what you accomplished during the week, meditate, contemplate what you want to accomplish, and plan your path to success.

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Scorpio rising: Aries in the 6th house

Having Aries in the sixth house can make the native quite ambitious. Mars, your ruler, sparks your drive and motivation to win, and being number one can allow you to wake up on time, especially if you feel you have competition. Focus on a project you want to excel in and this will give you the energy and push to get up and plan. Scorpio risings do not like to rush, and their tactical nature allows them to thrive and be consistently productive.

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Sagittarius rising: Taurus in the 6th house

Writing out your ideas and making sure you get to do them will keep you interested throughout the week. You derive your greatest inspiration when you focus on your school work or career and are on top of everything. Revising your work and keeping track of emails and your to-do list will help to make mornings more tolerable. Also, with Taurus ruling the sixth, getting your favorite coffee or breakfast can brighten your mood.

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Capricorn rising: Gemini in the 6th house

Doing things that allow you to tap into your creative side as well as collaborate with others can help Capricorn risings be more productive. With Gemini in the sixth, organizing and keeping your planner handy can also help boost your energy. Preparation will enable Capricorn risings to feel in control. Capricorns know that slow and steady wins the race, so curating their routine will help with their productivity and bring more success.

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Aquarius rising: Cancer in the 6th house

Meditation, cooking or even reading can be a good and grounding source to spark more productivity. You will be able to feel your emotions and understand what is on your mind. Also, allowing yourself to be connected with the artist within can help you develop new passions with projects and other artistic endeavors. Being productive is easy for Aquarius because they love to explore and work on different things. 

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Pisces rising: Leo in the 6th house

Having Leo in the sixth house means productivity is created when the native can harness their ingenuity. Make time for your hobby and you will see how that can keep you motivated. Leo is a sign that enjoys being in the spotlight, so do something you love because it will make you shine brighter in the presence of others. This is the position for the artists and the people who can make an impact on others through their ingenuity.

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