Gemini Friendship Compatibility With All Zodiac Signs

It's like having two friends in one!

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Don't listen to those who say Gemini is two-faced — that doesn't apply to everyone! Plus, there's more to a person than just their Sun sign. You also have to check out the entire birth chart.

That's why if you have a Gemini best friend, you should consider yourself lucky. With this chatterbox in your life, you will never have a dull day! And we say that with a lot of affection because being best friends with a Gemini is not everyone's cup of tea. But if you love fun conversations, knowing about anything and everything, slapping each other's arms and freaking out while watching a TV series, and consider yourself a big ball of energy, then a Gemini best friend is the one for you.


Gemini friendship style

Honestly, there are only a handful of zodiac signs who instantly become friends with anyone and everyone. Gemini is one of them. Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Aries are the others — but none of them can beat a Gemini at friendliness and instant good vibes. Maybe Sagittarius, but still not like a Gemini. 

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Gemini people are ruled by Mercury. This makes them unpredictable in the way their mind works. Sometimes they are chill and calm, enjoying the moment. Other times they are instigators, coming up with pranks or spontaneous ideas to make things more exciting. 

They are also mischievous. But they don't mean harm. They might smash your face into your birthday cake and then start a food fight, but they won't mind if you do the same. That's why we said being best friends with a Gemini is not everyone's cup of tea, especially not people who are more stoic and orderly. 

This is precisely why Geminis are really popular in their younger years. It's acceptable for adolescents and kids to prank each other and cause trouble and then share an inside laugh after they get scolded. In fact, if teachers make the troublemakers stand outside the classroom as a punishment, you bet the Gemini in the group will be using that time to make the others laugh and not take the punishment seriously at all. 

Even as adults, Geminis are hit at parties. They always bring the juiciest gossip to the table and constantly find themselves getting asked to spill the latest tea.


Gemini friendship isn't a deep, soulful one like being best friends with a Scorpio or an incredibly possessive friendship like that with a Leo. They like to take things easy and give people space. They like space as well. 

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Gemini friendship compatibility

Gemini and Aries friendship

These two would make really good friends. Neither are possessive or clingy and both love spontaneity. Gemini can even egg Aries on to be more of a wild child than they already are.

Gemini and Taurus friendship

This friendship can work if Taurus has other friends they are also close to. But if they become possessive of their Gemini best friend, cracks will start forming in their relationship. It's not because Gemini doesn't like to feel special when Taurus goes all in, but after a point, the differences in Gemini and Taurus' temperaments will make the former want the friendship to be more active while the latter will desire more peace. 


Gemini and Gemini friendship

When two Geminis come together, it's a riot. But the two can also become rivals very quickly because of many similarities. And god forbid the two have birthdays just days apart from each other or on the same day! Both will get on the other's nerves wanting to feel extra special the entire week but having to share it with the other Gemini they are also friends with. 

Gemini and Cancer friendship

This friendship is sweet. Cancer is usually laid back and loves hanging out with friends in a peaceful manner. Plus, they don't mind gossip. Also, unlike popular belief, Gemini people feel emotions just like the rest of us. And their Cancer friend will always be there for them during an emotional crisis. 

Gemini and Leo friendship

If these two are in the same house, make sure you have good insurance. Gemini and Leo become really close friends quickly and love going out together and partying or shopping. Interestingly, these two best friends make great wingpeople, but even after they get romantic partners on the side, to them their friend comes first. 

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Gemini and Virgo friendship

Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, so you can expect these two to chat with each other about anything and everything. And even though one is an air sign and the other an earth sign, it doesn't matter! These two have really great friendship compatibility between them. 

Gemini and Libra friendship

Gemini can become friends with just about anyone in the world. And as a fellow air sign, Libra finds it super easy to join that crowd. Weirdly enough though, Libra's ego can get in the way of their friendship with Gemini. 

Gemini and Scorpio friendship

This is an odd pair. Gemini and Scorpio might get along well at first as acquaintances because Gemini is good at talking to people and keeping things light and fresh, but if they spend more time with each other, they won't feel an affinity towards each other. 

Gemini and Sagittarius friendship

Gemini and Sagittarius are opposite zodiac signs. So they get along really well sometimes because of shared qualities and butt heads at other times. The friendship compatibility between Gemini and Sagittarius is not very great. 


Gemini and Capricorn friendship

When we said that being friends with a Gemini is not everyone's cup of tea, Capricorn was definitely top of the list. These two are wildly different from each other and won't get along unless they are just casual acquaintances who say hi to each other and keep things light. 

Gemini and Aquarius friendship

Out of all the air signs, Gemini and Aquarius make the best of friends. They both love to talk but also know how to give each other space. And while a Gemini is the more raucous one between the two, once an Aquarius becomes friends with a Gemini, they find themselves letting loose more often and becoming more relaxed. 

Gemini and Pisces friendship

Pisces and Gemini can be good friends, despite the water-air configuration between them. It's because both are pretty chill individuals and have interesting lives that keep the other entertained. But they won't understand each other's drives 100%.  


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