The Complete Sagittarius Love Horoscope For 2024

A month-by-month breakdown of what Sagittarius can expect in love and relationships in 2024.

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In 2024, the energy of the eclipses in Aries and Libra will dominate the themes in your life, your community and romantic commitment.

While it may seem that things make a sudden turnaround, the themes of the 2024 Sagittarius love horoscope are a reminder that your personal growth over the past two years has led to this moment. When you are in the thick of things, it can be hard to see the benefits it will bring, but as you realize that everything is now behind you, you can finally smile and see the greater purpose of events in your life.  


The first few months of the year are more centered around your growth. Yet come May, this blossoms into a beautiful transformation in your romantic relationship. Marriage is heavily favored this year, as is even beginning or expanding your family. With the work that you have been and will continue to do on yourself, you are finding more grounding and stability, which will let you more fully invest your heart in love.


While you often get a bad rap about being a free spirit who enjoys experiencing as much as you can, you have always craved a strong romantic relationship. This type of relationship allows you to embrace life with greater authenticity as you learn commitment doesn't restrict your freedom but encourages it.  

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Saturn will still be moving through Pisces throughout the year, bringing a greater seriousness and commitment to your home and family. In contrast, Jupiter's move into Gemini will bring expansive new energy into your romantic relationship. Alongside the North Node in Aries, you are looking at a year of true romantic fulfillment in which, whether it's through marriage, moving in together, starting a family or even planning a cross-continental road trip, you will find that home truly is where your heart is, and that it's also the same place you can feel most free. 


Best day for love: Monday, January 1 


Most challenging day for love: Saturday, January 13 

Let the beginning of the new year serve as a promise to yourself to do things differently, make the most of each opportunity and never self-sabotage again out of a feeling of unworthiness. You've been on the path of learning so much about yourself as you discover your innate truth. As Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius at the beginning of January, use this as an opportunity to reflect on the awareness, healing and clearing that dominated the end of 2023.  

The year holds two Capricorn full moons, and as Mercury shifts into this powerful earth sign, you'll start to feel the ripple of significance ripple through your life. It's time to stop playing small, step into your power and start trusting yourself. Allow the energy of Mercury to help you learn from the past so that you can articulate to the universe precisely what it is you want and deserve in the year.  


Best day for love: Thursday, February 8 


Most challenging day for love: Friday, February 23 



Asteroid Vesta represents the sacred internal fire that enables you to fuse motivation and determination. In Gemini, this creates a focused energy around creating what you desire in your romantic life. While this is an area of your life that will see immense growth this year, in February, you are being guided to start trusting yourself and to never believe for an instant that something you feel passionate about isn't meant to be yours. 

Mercury will shift into Pisces and may create opportunities for change within your home. This doesn't necessarily bring a breakup, but it may be that you and your current partner need to have some important conversations about the future, especially as you now know more about what it is that you want. With Saturn also in Pisces, this energy allows you to hatch plans for purchasing a home, relocating or even starting a family.  


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Best Love Day: Sunday, March 10 

Practice Caution On: Tuesday, March 19 

The new moon in Pisces creates an opportunity for a beautiful new beginning. This energy is especially powerful because the full moon in Pisces this year will also be a lunar eclipse, the precursor to what the new eclipse cycle will bring into your life in 2025, so it's important to make sure your intentions are what you want to bring to fruition. Pisces energy can represent moving in together, deep healing, commitment and even children. This is a potent dose of loving energy, but don't forget things won't just magically happen. Instead, you need to become committed to what it is you genuinely want to create.  


Aries season marks a distinct difference in your energy ahead of the solar eclipse in April. Aries rules over your feelings of joy, ability and desire to commit to a romantic partner and the children, whether yours or another's, that you enjoy the presence of. This aspect of family will continue to be expanded on in the coming months, so it's important to focus on each step at a time and remember that to create the life you dream of will require courage, boldness and the determination to make it a reality.


Best day for love: Monday, April 8 

Most challenging day for love: Tuesday, April 30 

The Aries solar eclipse rises and provides a catalyst moment for your romantic life and future. While the first few months have progressed slower than you'd imagined or hoped, events take off in a flurry around the eclipse. This energy could bring a proposal, elopement or even a surprise pregnancy, so be mindful if that's not something you want for your life right now. With the energy of Aries all about happiness and commitment, if you're single, you may have a chance encounter that develops very quickly. 


This energy is influenced by Mars shifting into Aries as well, drawing all your energy into your romantic pursuits and creating a life of bliss. Be mindful that Mars can often be impulsive or callous to the feelings of others. While you want this new life to be representative of what you want, you also want to ensure you're creating what you genuinely dream of — and nothing you feel pushed or forced into doing. April is one of the best months for improvements and new decisions in your romantic life, so be sure to embrace each moment of growth.


Best day for love: Saturday, May 25 

Most challenging day for love: Thursday, May 23 

Jupiter shifts into Gemini in May and helps bring abundance, expansiveness and new opportunities into your relationship. 




Jupiter is the planet of luck, and whatever area of your life it touches, it will make it bigger. In this case, it will not only bring greater romantic fulfillment but also will strengthen the energy of romantic commitment and having a family together. If you're looking to get married this year, this would be an incredible time, too, as it would bless your union with abundance and prosperity.  

During this positive energy, the full moon in Sagittarius peaks, which will help you reflect on the path you are on and what you have created during the first few months of the year. Use this to build confidence that you are on the right path and deeply resonate with the choices that you're making in your life and your relationship. If you find you need to adjust, you will be given opportunities in the coming months to make them.  

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Best day for love: Thursday, June 6 

Most challenging day for love: Monday, June 17 

The following two months are crucial for you, as you are going to be asked to boldly claim what it is you are worth as the two Capricorn full moons occur back-to-back. This is bringing to fruition a phase of immense self-growth in which you can embody a higher sense of value for yourself and then hold space for how it changes what you accept into your life. When you know your worth, it often brings an end to certain situations that no longer are in alignment, but with the Gemini new moon, there is a beautiful new beginning in your romantic life. 

Often, until you know your worth, you will make different decisions in your romantic life. Once you level up, know what you deserve and truly cease from self-sabotaging, it tends to change everything. This is what Venus in Cancer will assist with as it will encourage romantic transformation as you allow this area of your life to shift and change. This energy isn't about separations or break-ups, though, as it's meant to reward you for what decisions you've already made in your past.  



Best day for love: Friday, July 5 

Practice Caution On: Tuesday, July 2 

While there is so much growth potential this year, you must be mindful that you are committed to doing things differently — especially in your romantic life. This becomes your focus as Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces and creates a period of reflection within your home, family and healing journey. You have done all the work necessary to change your external life, so this time may be about more of your internal process. However, if you've still been hanging onto something that you've already outgrown, then this might be the month to make the transition to freedom finally. 

Just as Neptune stations retrograde, encouraging deeper reflection and understanding, the new moon in Cancer rises, encouraging a profound moment of change in your romantic relationship. This is the energy of all or nothing, which will either add to the level of intimacy you feel with a healthy partner or provide the moment for dissolution in one that you've been trying to hang onto despite all the signs. Trust your heart and allow things to shift. With so much romantic abundance around you, you are guaranteed to have real love in your life — you just need to ensure you're looking in the right places for it.  



Best day for love: Monday, August 26 

Most challenging day for love: Monday, August 19 

While July was about reflection and transformation, the focus this month will be on your professional success — yet it's important to stay present for the process that is occurring in your romantic relationship. The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini will help you with releasing any beliefs, limitations or situations that aren't contributing to your overall growth. Allow yourself to embrace this process because with Jupiter also in Gemini, every decision you're guided to make is in your best interest.  

There is a catalyst square between Jupiter in Gemini and retrograde Saturn in Pisces, which will cause a climax in any ongoing story with your home, family and relationship. Saturn will want you to commit and work for what you desire, while Jupiter urges you to move beyond old limitations or conditions. While it can be scary, remember to choose the path of growth during this time.


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Best day for love: Tuesday, September 17 

Most challenging day for love: Wednesday, September 4 

September brings a moment of fulfillment with the Pisces lunar eclipse and the awareness of where you will be directed in the coming years. Pisces is a sign that seeks understanding and the greater meaning of life as much as yours, and this full moon will bring to fruition what began around the new moon at the beginning of March. Reflect on that time and what has evolved in your home, family and healing during this time. If you've been busier with your career as of late, it may be the perfect time to schedule some quality time with those that mean the most to you.  


Mars will shift into Cancer, the zodiac sign that brings transformation and greater intimacy into your life. Along with the moment of fruition the Piscean lunar eclipse brings, you may find yourself motivated to act to create change in your life. It's time to recognize that those who mean the most to you should also get the best from you.  


Best day for love: Thursday, October 17 

Most challenging day for love: Wednesday, October 9 


While Jupiter has been ushering in greater abundance and expansion into your romantic life, as it stations retrograde in Gemini, it's time to slow down, reflect and ensure that you are living in alignment with your purpose. Jupiter is your ruling planet, and in the romantic area of your life, it's incredibly powerful as you are feeling more of the gravity of your romantic decisions and how they align with your inner truth. Try not to become disheartened if you find you need to shift any plans, as it's the first step to learning how to embrace your growth as you deepen your commitment to becoming better.  

The full moon in Aries is a reminder that only you know what brings the greatest joy and happiness into your life. As this also governs romantic commitment, you may find yourself thinking about ex, especially with Saturn and Jupiter now retrograde. While this person may be someone you are meant to reconnect with, also just try to bring your awareness to what this relationship has taught you as you make the conscious choice to embrace the joy that currently surrounds you — and, potentially, the new love.


Best day for love: Friday, November 15 

Most challenging day for love: Saturday, November 2 


Saturn stations direct in Pisces, which will restore your confidence and make an easier time in your family life. If you've been struggling with the details of assembling your life or even a move, things will start feeling lighter, especially if you've been doing the work the universe has guided you to do. Saturn direct in Pisces means that once again, you should be feeling confident about the choices in your life and are also creating a space for intimate connection in your relationship. Use this to strengthen your relationship with your partner by creating space for an emotionally vulnerable conversation, or if single, letting the truth be the foundation for a new relationship.  

Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Sagittarius, which may bring up themes from the end of 2023. Whether or not this serves as a reminder of where you started, or even what you left undone, comes down to the choices that you've made. When you speak your truth, it should heighten the bond with your partner. Hopefully, as this energy filters into your life, it can create the space of feeling love unconditionally for being your complete authentic self.


Best day for love: Sunday, December 15 

Most challenging day for love: Sunday, December 29 


When you face the healing around why you ever believed you deserved less than anything, you also enter a space of finally making decisions from a more healed space. As Chiron stations direct in Aries, you can feel yourself breathing into new spaces and feel proud of yourself for how you've risen to the challenge in the past year. It's hard to break cycles and declare to the universe what you deserve without knowing if it will arrive. Despite it all, you have persisted and because of that, you should also be arriving at a place where you genuinely can say that you deserve the best of everything. 

The full moon in Gemini rises in the last month of 2024 and brings to fruition an unforgettable romantic moment in your life. This holiday season is the perfect time to announce your engagement or give love a second chance. Remember that the plan the universe has for your life will always far exceed any you can imagine, but the magic occurs when you can find the divine trust that you are being led toward your fate in every moment. Find peace in your heart as you celebrate your growth and realize you've created the relationship you always knew was destined for you.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.