Astrology Placements Most Likely To Marry Someone Older

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In the astrology of marriage, many factors can influence when we will get married and whether our partner will be younger or older. A person with a heavy Saturnian influence in their seventh house, the house of marriage, will be more drawn to partners that are older than them or that have heavy Saturn influences in their chart. However, not everyone with certain Saturn placements will marry someone more mature.

There is a lot to analyze in a natal chart to unravel our full chart’s potential, so analyzing one placement will only be one piece of the great puzzle.

Astrology placements most likely to marry someone older

Licensed Clinical Therapist and Astrologer Camila Regina posted a TikTok that brings up some key Saturn placements that can impact your seventh house and some factors that can make us fall for someone older.



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Saturn in the sign of your 7th or 1st house

Having Saturn as the chart ruler or the ruler of the seventh house will have the native drawn to someone older. Saturn has a great influence on their chart which usually means that they have developed an appreciation for balance and structure. They seek partners that mirror their energy and can help them grow. Partners that make them feel safe and cared for will make them feel loved.

Lowest degree planet in your sidereal birth chart is Saturn or in a Saturn sign (Aquarius or Capricorn)

In Vedic astrology, the planet with the lowest degree (also known as the Darakaraka) can show us some insights into our partner’s personality. Having Saturn as the planet with the lowest degree shows that your partner will be very much like a Capricorn or they can be older than you. These people will be ambitious, usually responsible, not emotional but they will be loyal.

The planet that rules the sign of your 7th is sitting with Saturn

When Saturn comes in contact with our personal planets, especially those that are ruling the angular houses (first, fourth, seventh, and 10th) there will be a great theme in each house tied to Saturn. In the house of marriage, this shows that their partner will be someone who either appears later in their life or has heavy Saturnian traits.

Virgo and Leo Risings who have Saturn in the signs or Aquarius or Pisces (or sidereal Leo and Cancer rising with Aquarius/Capricorn Saturn)

In Sidereal astrology, Leo and Virgo risings are usually Cancer and Leo risings. Both of these placements have Saturn ruling their seventh house, which once again denotes that the native will be a magnet for older partners or those with heavy Capricorn/Aquarius placements.

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The descendant or the ruler of the 7th house has a Saturn degree (10°, 11°, 22°, and 23°)

Degree theory shows that having the Lord of the seventh, or the degree of our seventh, in a Saturn degree can show that we will be drawn to older partners or those who have a lot of Saturn influences in their chart.

Having the Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius

The native could seek someone that can be the representation of their moon sign. They could be drawn to someone with Sun in Saturnian signs because it helps them feel emotionally fulfilled and comforted. Moon in Saturn signs will seek Sun or Ascendant partners since it could help them feel understood.

Personal planets in Capricorn

Natives with a lot of personal planets in Capricorn will seek partners with the Sun or Ascendant in these signs. They are naturally drawn to them. These personal planets will feel at home with someone that has strong Saturn placements because they will feel free to express themselves comfortably.

Saturn in the natal chart aspecting the ruler of the 7th house through a Square, Trine, or Sextile

Again, when Saturn comes into contact with our seventh house ruler, it will show us that we will be drawn to older partners. The conjunction is also powerful but any contact can make the native feel connected to those that are older or have Saturn dominance in their charts.

In the progressed chart, Saturn is in the 7th house

Our progressed chart shows our growth and our natal chart’s progression. In the progressed chart, each year represents one day since our date of birth. As we get older, the signs in our progressed chart can change. For example, someone born a Gemini rising can become a Cancer rising in the progressed chart and their seventh house ruler will shift from Sagittarius/Jupiter to Capricorn/Saturn. This is why sometimes, the people we attract when we are older are not the same compared to when we were younger.

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