How To Predict When You'll Get Married, Based On Astrology

Your fate is always in the stars – if you want to discover it.

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Astrology holds the key to understanding everything within your life more deeply, including when you may meet your future spouse and get married.  

When it comes to love and marriage more specifically, there are three key planets that rule over this area of your life.  

Venus, the planet of love, transits often coincide with meeting someone special.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion, When it touches the romance sector of your life it can represent a time when you will experience a greater commitment such as marriage.  


While Saturn is a planet that often is seen as more serious, when it comes to long-term marriage this can be a significant transit to look for as it can represent whether it is going to be forever loved or instead only temporary.  

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But planets are only part of it — the other important aspect is your astrological houses. 

There are 12 astrology houses that represent different themes of your life, including when it comes to romance, love, and marriage.  

The seventh house in astrology is ruled by your opposite or polarizing sign. This part of your chart represents romantic relationships, love, and marriage.  

The fourth house is the house of home and family, usually representing a relationship in which you live together and may even share children.  

The fifth house rules over sex, pleasure, pregnancy, and what traits you look for within a romantic partner.  

You can use those three planets and relationship-oriented houses to uncover information on what kind of partner you will attract, when you will get married, and even if that marriage will last.  


How to predict when you will get married, based on your planetary transits 

To begin to discover when you will get married, you need to start with the same information that you would use to find your birth chart or natal chart in astrology.  



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1. Search your natal chart for specific transits.

Once you have your birthday, time, and location you then can use the personal transits calculator to search your chart for specific transits.


The top part of the calculator is where you enter in your personal information. Once you do, then you can select which planet and house to look up, along with the year. 

2. Choose a planet to find its transits in your chart.

To discover when and even where you will meet your future spouse, click on the planet Venus and then your natal seventh house. 

If you want to see when you will become married or engaged then you can click on Jupiter and then your natal seventh or even fifth house.  

Saturn transits through your seventh or fifth house also represent a time when you will want to settle down and work on a greater commitment within a relationship. This aspect can be tricky, though, because Saturn can also bring karmic lessons which do not usually lend to a long-term healthy marriage.  


Because Venus hosts such romantic powers, you can also use the calculator to look up Venus and your natal fifth house which will give you the ability to see when you would specifically meet someone that you will marry. 

3. Choose a year to search transits in.

When using the transit calculator, there is a part where you can pick what year to investigate.  

While many people may want to know about what will happen in the future, you can also use this for past relationships and marriages to see if there was a Saturn transit present which could help tell you if that was a karmic connection.  

This can help you learn a bit more and even come to greater closure with what did not work in the past so that you can allow yourself to believe in love working out in the future.  


To discover this, you can play around using Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn along with the fifth, seventh and fourth houses in the current year, or even in the future.  

This can help you understand more deeply an existing connection with someone that you have already met or help you stay aware when active in your daily life. Because you never know when you are going to stumble not just into love, but into the one that is meant to last forever.  

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Marriage natal transits

1. Jupiter in the seventh 

Jupiter in the seventh usually is not about meeting someone for the first time, but instead taking your relationship to the next level, such as engagement or marriage.  


2. Jupiter in the fifth 

When Jupiter crosses into your fifth you are likely to meet someone that you could share a long-term commitment with and whom you could even see starting a family with.  

3. Jupiter in the fourth 

The fourth house is all about family and home, so often this ends up being when the actual wedding is planned or when you decide to move in together.  

4. Venus in the seventh 

With Venus transiting your seventh house, you are looking for commitment which means that it is not about casual dating but instead looking for that special person you can see a life together with.  


5. Venus in the fifth 

If Venus is moving through your fifth it means that you will be beginning a new relationship that will bring happiness, amazing sex and even children.  

6. Venus in the fourth 

While Venus is in your fourth, it brings the focus to home, so meeting someone around this time would mean eventually you will live together or bring that new element into an existing relationship.  

7. Saturn in the seventh 

The seventh house represents partnerships and marriages, so often when Saturn is here you will want to settle down, but there could be an obstacle like long-distance or one of you already being in a relationship which could bring delays.  

8. Saturn in the fifth 

Saturn asks that you work for the reward that you seek, which means that this transit can represent a successful marriage and relationship but that you will need to overcome many obstacles together to make it happen.  


9. Saturn in the fourth 

When Saturn is in your fourth house it brings serious commitment to this area of your life, both marriages, buying a home and the expansion of your family are likely.  

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