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How Your Mars Sign Influences Your Anger Management Style & Zodiac Personality, Per Astrology

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Anger Management Style & Personality, According To Astrology, By Mars Zodiac Sign

What makes you angry? Your personality is complex, and where your Mars sign is located at the time of your birth, reveals traits within your anger management style, according to astrology.

What is your zodiac sign's anger management style, according to Mars, per astrology?

Each planet is ruled by the different zodiac signs in your natal chart and their personality traits flavor the way that you express anger and what makes you mad.

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Your Mars sign can certainly say a lot about you and what you feel passionate about because it provides insight on your basic animalistic impulses, aggressive instincts, drive, and sexuality.

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Mars transits the entire zodiac each year staying in one sign roughly every 40 days. Yes, Mars can retrograde, and it isn't strongly expressed in every zodiac sign.

A Mars sign is exalted in Capricorn which can make a person channel their anger through work, for example, and when in Pisces, Mars is steaming and will run or blow anger off.

Maybe you struggle with strong feelings in an area of your life and wonder how to manage your anger better.

Understanding your Mars sign can help you manage your feelings better, especially when you get excited or feel frustrated about things you can't control.

When you look at your Mars sign in your natal birth chart, you'll discover there's a lot of information about your love life and anger that affect your personality and communication style.

You can find your Mars sign using a birth chart for free by entering information on when and where you were born. If you know your sign in relation to Mars, let’s dive in.

Here is what each Mars sign means and what it says about your personality and anger management style, according to astrology and the zodiac.

Anger and personality traits for Mars in Aries zodiac signs

Aries tend to be very quick and always act on instinct and that applies to the position of Mars. People with Mars in Aries are definitely impulsive and usually great at taking action.

When it comes to anger, they have quick meltdowns but their feelings of anger tend to subside quickly.

They deal with their feelings of anger very honestly and face it directly. They like to live in the moment instead of dwelling on the past.

Mars in Aries people usually follow their gut and work hard to achieve their goals. They have quick and efficient decision-making skills that usually benefit them.

They also put themselves first when making decisions and only do what makes the most sense for them. They are not ones to mull over what others would do or think.

Characteristics that are attributed to them are spontaneous, transformative, and uncomplicated.

Mars in Aries people are usually a step ahead of the game. They enjoy being on their toes and like to live a life full of surprises.

They do not want to relive the same boring day over and over again because they tend to feel uneasy when things are too predictable.

Starting fresh and diving into new projects will make them feel very fulfilled because they get great enjoyment out of that. They can also handle any challenges that life throws them and they even enjoy facing their challenges head-on.

If you are in a relationship with Mars in Aries person, then get ready for a lot of excitement. However, they are very impulsive so it can sometimes feel like they are on another page.

You have to go with the flow if you are dating a Mars in Aries person and anticipate their unpredictability. Though, they have amazing physical energy and are fun to be around.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Taurus zodiac signs

Mars in Taurus people tend to be very calm and relaxed. However, they can have strong tempers when they are poked at too much. They usually keep their calm and it takes a lot for them to get angry.

People with Mars in Taurus tend to be pretty sensual. It might take them a little bit longer to get going, but they have a natural and strong sensuality within them.

They appreciate solidity and strength and are motivated by their want of having a safe future and a wealth of belongings. So, they work hard to get what they want and are patient in doing so.

Even if it takes a while for them to reach their goals, they are capable of doing it. Most of them have distinct goals that will take them a while to complete, but they have the mindset to get things done.

However, they don’t like to bite off more than they can chew so they only take on what they are capable of.

They also are very stubborn and once they make their mind up, it will be hard for them to be swayed. You also can’t quicken the pace of Mars in Taurus because they always do things on their own timeline.

You will find, though, that they are reliable people.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Gemini zodiac signs

If your Mars is in Gemini, then you tend to be a little all over the place and often lose focus. It’s not your fault that you get bored so easily sometimes!

Gemini is a mutable air sign so it makes sense that you are attracted to new and exciting things in an effort to keep your spirits high.

However, when you don’t have much activity going on around you, you tend to get tired. You actually get more energy and feel more motivated when you have a busier schedule. It’s better that way though because you really hate being bored.

When Mars in Gemini gets angry, they use their words to fight their battles. When they are angry, they will tell you exactly why because they need to express the reason for their anger in order to deal with it.

Don’t be alarmed if they use angry and sarcastic words when they are hurt, that is just how they communicate when they are angry.

They love to debate and are excellent at it. They are intelligent and use it to their advantage when trying to win in a fight. Talking is also their strong suit because of how chatty and social they can be in any situation.

Some people that have Mars in Gemini can have some nervous ticks and a tendency to fidget due to their innate nervous energy. However, a lot of them channel this energy into their hands, because Gemini rules the hands.

They often get out their nervous energy by playing musical instruments, painting, doing a puzzle, and engaging in other physical activities.

Mars in Gemini people go with the flow and they even enjoy it when life throws them changes. They usually have a lot on their plate because they love to take on new projects.

They have to be careful though because if they take on too much, they can regret it and feel overwhelmed.

However, they don’t usually stay interested in things for a long time. It is best for them to try to hone in on one thing instead of trying to do too many things.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Cancer zodiac signs

People with Mars in Cancer have a knack for being passive-aggressive. They do not normally like change and want life to feel balanced. They like to avoid problems and arguments.

However, they will always stick up for their friends and family members if someone is disrespectful to them. Although some might view them as being delicate, they are actually very powerful!. Their determination is their strength.

Those born with Mars in Cancer tend to be very sensual. It takes a while for them to let anyone in because they often put up a protective wall.

However, once they trust you, they won’t leave your side. It is best for Mars in Cancer to work on guiding and being there for others.

Their energy is at its best when it is pointed outwardly instead of inwardly. They tend to protect themselves too much or feel very sensitive at times when they are putting a lot of pressure on themselves.

They can sometimes use guilt or manipulation tactics to get what they want. If they are feeling attacked or cornered, they will tend to react to things in a very defensive manner and have small outbursts.

Since they have trouble expressing their feelings, their feelings tend to come out in a messy way at times. They also tend to worry a lot, but, if they have a solid routine and work ethic, then they will worry less.

People with Mars in Cancer have strong and soothing energy. Although they might have their walls up, they have a lot of confidence and are good at protecting and caring for others.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Leo zodiac signs

People with Mars in Leo are constantly trying to stay active and create things, which makes sense because Leo is an incredibly creative sign. They also are striving towards the goal of living a successful and important life.

Mars in Leo people are intense and passionate. They do enjoy taking risks but are usually ones to think things through first. They also tend to know their goals in life and what they are meant to do.

They are very social, difficult to resist and use this to their advantage in order to get what they want.

They are also usually pretty sexual and can quickly become aroused but their infatuation lasts for a long time. Even though they do enjoy sex more than most other signs, they still need romance and intimacy in their relationships.

They also seek out partners that adore them and will be faithful to them.

If they are ever made to feel embarrassed, they will lash out trying to defend their character. Mars in Leo people tend to have a big ego at times, but they are always following their heart and doing things out of love.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Virgo zodiac signs

People with Mars in Virgo tend to be analytical and realistic. They love to have a schedule that is busy, yet organized. Since they are always getting things done, their mind might be all over the place but they can always accomplish what they set out to accomplish.

They always pay attention to the smallest details and do everything to the best of their ability, which is why it is common for them to be experts in their line of work.

Although they can be critical of themselves and others, they really dislike rudeness so they don’t go out of their way to intimidate others.

However, if they are irritated, it can be tough to be around them due to their tendency to whine and mope about it. We are in luck though, because their whining doesn’t usually last a long time.

But be cautious, because they are constant over-thinkers so they easily become nervous.

Mars in Virgo people are very orderly and have a strict routine they follow when accomplishing their work. Since they have so many scattered thoughts, they like to be as clean and organized as they can be when it comes to working.

Don’t judge them for it though, because there is a method to the madness. However, they juggle a lot of projects and they won’t follow through on the ones that won’t benefit them in the long run.

They approach their sex life similarly to how they approach their work life, in the sense that they always want to be the best at what they are doing.

They are open to trying new things in the bedroom, due to their curious nature. However, they can come off as timid when they are first putting themselves out there.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Libra zodiac signs

Mars in Libra people are not the best at making decisions and they tend to overthink it before acting on it. However, when they go with a decision, they are great at causing action and accomplishing their goals.

They need to consider every outcome of the decision before following through, which often causes them to procrastinate.

When it comes to arguments, they usually remain calm. However, they will jump into an argument to stand up for what is fair.

They want to live a balanced and peaceful life and will stand their ground to anyone that tries to disrupt that. If they are angry at someone, they will make it obvious with their passive-aggressive statements.

Although they can be passive-aggressive, they are not mean-spirited or unfair people. They also have a talent for being able to sense when trouble is coming. So, they are usually more prepared and can handle their problems well.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Scorpio zodiac signs

Mars in Scorpio people are assertive as heck! They will put their all into their goals with intense dedication and commitment.

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When they get upset, no one will know because they tend to keep their calm and put on an excellent poker face. They have a strong intuition and can usually sniff out a shady person, but are usually not the ones to stir up drama.

When they are younger, they are more willing to provoke people, but that tendency diminishes as they grow older.

The sexual endurance of Mars in Scorpio is said to be the most powerful of all the positions of Mars. Mars in Scorpio people usually like to engage in sexual situations where the other person will do anything for them.

However, they are so magnetic and desirable that they usually get what they want regardless.

Mars in Scorpio people will never fess up to being jealous, but they do not enjoy the idea of someone else being with their partner. They are not big fans of making deals and instead value decision making. They thrive in difficult situations and often come out transformed.

People with Mars in Scorpio love to make goals just to see if they can attain them. They are more satisfied when they are keeping track of and reaching their goals.

They also have the unique ability to be completely themselves when they are on their own, free of judgment or guilt.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Sagittarius zodiac signs

When you have Mars in Sagittarius, you have met an angry person. You’ll know because they will try to flee from and avoid the situation. They escape because they are impatient and do not want to think about it or wait to see what will happen.

The energetic and curious side of them definitely shines through in moments like these.

People with Mars in Sagittarius are constantly balancing a lot of tasks at a time. They become very passionate and driven when diving into a new task but they are not the best at finishing what they have started.

Mars in Sagittarius people tend to have a great sense of humor and are always up for a good time! They love to socialize with their friends and engage in lively debates with them.

However, they usually state their opinions off the cuff so when their friends challenge them, they often take it to heart too much.

Most times, though, they are great at getting people to see their perspective because they are always passionate about whatever they are talking about.

They have a tendency to say exactly what they are thinking and are especially straightforward with their partners. They bring a lot of passion for their relationships and they are attracted to people that are funny and non-judgemental.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Capricorn zodiac signs

Mars in Capricorn people can oftentimes come across as being serious and practical. Although they might not have a pep in their step, they make up for it by having a lot of self-control and determination.

They love being in control and working hard to achieve their dreams. I mean, they definitely have the drive to do it!

If a Mars in Capricorn person is upset, they will express it in a responsible and calm way. Their immediate impulse after being angered is to regain control of the situation and that is what they intend to do.

When they are upset, the best thing for them to do is to dive into their work. They don’t mind doing that anyway!

When it comes to sex, Mars in Capricorn is a master of self-discipline. They are very family-oriented so they want to make sure they can envision a life with their partner long-term before taking other steps.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Aquarius zodiac signs

People with Mars in Aquarius are very original and don’t normally do things the way others do. They also have an original and optimistic way of looking at the world.

They do not stand for people walking all over them due to their independent and stubborn nature. They do not like to feel like they are being controlled and if they feel this way, they will fight it.

Mars in Aquarius people know how to make things go their way. Although they are not very assertive, they are very headstrong and use it to get what they want.

Sometimes they are so sneaky, that others are not even aware they are giving them what they want.

People with Mars in Aquarius heavily value their alone time. They often need time to refocus, rewind, and let their creativity flow. In turn, they will also give others their alone time when they need it.

In relationships, they do not normally express love by physical touch because they tend to be more disinterested than most when it comes to intimacy.

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Anger and personality traits for Mars in Pisces zodiac signs

Mars in Pisces people are usually very indirect, calm, and fragile. They usually are easy-going but have trouble standing up for themselves, which adds to their feelings of anger and guilt.

Mars in Pisces individuals are not set out to hurt anyone, but they do need a creative space to get their anger out.

They are very indecisive and rarely know what they want. In general, they are usually guided by their strong sense of care and love, due to their Pisces nature.

Their energy is always fluctuating. However, they have a wild imagination and yearn for freedom, so they should do something that caters to that.

Having a place where they can be creative will give them a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment in life.

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