The Luckiest Day Of Each Month In 2024 For Cancer, According To Astrology

Cancer's lucky day horoscope for every month of 2024.

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In a year that is destined to bring positive changes to your life, you must never give up on finding your path. You've been in a phase of breaking down the restrictions in your life that have kept you from following your dreams, but Cancer's lucky day horoscope for 2024 reveals that you will finally see the results of all your hard work. This year will be about continued diligence, trusting yourself and not letting a single divine opportunity slip through the cracks as you work to create the fate that has been destined for you all along.  


The new eclipse cycle in Aries and Libra will bring up themes in your career, home and healing as you progress through the new year. However, while you are working through things in the personal aspect of your life, the North Node is in Aries, representing that you will make huge leaps in your career. The North Node symbolizes your fate. However, it's not something that just manifests on its own; instead, it is consciously chosen by you and worked for as you realize more about what it is you are worth in this lifetime. 


As the North Node is pushing you toward heightened career success, Saturn in Pisces will continue to encourage you to commit to your dreams and work for what it is you want. Neptune is also in Pisces, so there will be plenty of hope and faith that it will all pay off, but with Saturn here, you know that you're going to have to take this new phase of your life seriously.

There has been a major shift within yourself in the past that has allowed you to start considering, "What about me?" As this year progresses, it's going to all be about you, your dreams, your new opportunities and your career. Starting the year strong with new professional opportunities is destined to pay off as you end the year feeling more financially abundant and free to continue to create the life of your dreams.

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Cancer's 2024 lucky day horoscope

January: Thursday, January 25 

As January begins, it's important to spend time reflecting on what you want to manifest this year. There are many other parts of your life shifting around this time, including your relationships and home life, but that can't be a reason for you to stop focusing on yourself. You have dreams for your future, career and life, and now is when you need to start permitting yourself to honor them as you plan for the year. 


The full moon in Leo on January 25, 2024, will shine in your second house of finances and self-worth this month, two themes that are closely tied together. Use this lunation to reflect on your financial status, what you need to build to secure your future and what you want to have to enjoy life in all the ways you desire. This moon will help you see things clearly so that you can make a plan for yourself moving forward, regardless of anything else that occurs in your life. Use this as a starting point to call in the abundance that you know you deserve.

February: Sunday, February 18 

February begins as an incredibly positive month with Aquarius and Pisces energy inspiring change and new opportunities. Focus on the theme of opening yourself up to new possibilities this month as you allow yourself to entertain ideas, dreams and desires you've neglected in the past.

Pisces energy rules over your sector of luck, abundance, travel and education, so use this to your full advantage to open yourself up to life and believe in being able to create whatever you wish for yourself — even if it feels it's more a marathon than a sprint. 



The sun is one of the luckiest planets in the cosmos, and in Pisces, it helps to become that beacon of new experiences for you to follow. Use this energy to travel somewhere you've always dreamed of, take a new class or apply for jobs. Anything new and different that supports your new sense of worthiness will be favored.


March: Saturday, March 9 

March is one of your luckiest months of the year as you are putting into place all you have been working to establish. Mercury, the planet of communication, shifts into Aries alongside the new moon and Venus in Pisces. Aries energy, along with the North Node here, activates destined events in your professional life. At the same time, Pisces pushes you beyond where you've been living to open up yourself to more of life and the possibilities it can bring.  

With Mercury in Aries, along with the North Node in Aries, this is the month to really stretch yourself into new directions. If you are looking to apply for a new job, this would be a reasonable time, as would putting in for a promotion or advocating for a raise. Aries wants you to use your inner voice, speak up, and begin believing in yourself so profoundly the universe can't help but bring about positive changes.

April: Monday, April 8 

April brings the solar eclipse new moon in Aries, the first of which occurred in mid-April of 2023, so you may see some similar themes of that time.



Aries rules your professional sector, and solar eclipses are known for bringing about positive dramatic changes in your life. You may be starting a new job around this time or finally hear about one you've recently applied for. Don't be surprised if it involves travel or remote working, as you may be moving more toward an untraditional work-life balance than before.  


The solar eclipse in Aries is part of the new cycle that will continue to move through your life until 2025. While this isn't the fruition of this eclipse cycle, it is an important juncture of events, and you should be able to see the positive results within your life. Be sure to focus on saying yes to any opportunities that cross your path this month because the universe will be working more closely to align you with your fate in April.

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May: Thursday, May 23 

After the life-changing events of April, May brings more expansion to your life with the last quarter moon in Pisces and the sextile between Jupiter and Neptune.

Jupiter is currently in Taurus, at the very end of its phase in this earth sign, and is bringing up themes related to your community and those that surround you and hopefully support you in life. Neptune in Pisces encourages you to dream big as it inspires luck, abundance and expansion. As Jupiter and Neptune form a sextile, which is known for its karmic rewards, you should pay close attention to the offers or opportunities that come from those around you during this time. Sometimes, that lucky break isn't found somewhere off by yourself but in the connections you've already established with others.  


The last quarter moon in Pisces rises as well, which will help you shed or release any outgrown beliefs about what you can accomplish and what you previously thought you couldn't. Let yourself feel at one with the universe as you embody the inner knowing that anything you dream of is possible.

June: Wednesday, June 19 

June turns its focus to your finances as asteroid Vesta shifts into Leo. Vesta rules over your internal flame and passion that inspires you to work for what you want. In Leo, it's all about increasing your financial abundance, not just for the material freedom it brings, but so you know you are living in alignment with what you deserve.  

Use the energy of Vesta in Leo to reflect on your finances, investigate investment opportunities and advocate for a raise. If you have your own business, then it's time to raise your rates. Vesta can also point to your understanding that your time and energy are of greater value, so you can use this to ensure that you truly are setting the standard for the financial abundance you want to create.

July: Thursday, July 11 

The energy of abundance continues into May, and Venus shifts into the fire sign of Leo. Venus may be known as the planet of love, but it also governs finances and real estate matters. If you have been looking for a new home, relocating or taking on an investment opportunity, July, especially the first half, is the perfect time to make your move. Remember that Venus in Leo won't just encourage you to know you deserve more but also help you love yourself enough to ask for it. 


Mercury, the planet of communication, does begin its pre-shadow phase for its retrograde in August, so be mindful of making any big legal or financial decisions at the end of the month, especially if it comes down to signing any contracts. However, if you're looking at only a short-term lease or rental, then that would suit your needs just fine, and you should move ahead with the plans you have.

August: Sunday, August 4 

August ushers in the divine energy of the new moon in Leo, which offers you a new beginning in your financial life. This is what you have been working for; as you can see, the work you've done over the past few months is starting to pay off. Embrace this energy to allow you to reflect on what you've built, as well as what else you need to do to secure your future, especially once Mercury retrograde enters Leo on August 14, providing an opportunity for you to reflect on your recent financial decisions.

This isn't a setback but a chance to upgrade. During this time, work to ensure you have raised the rate for access to you, along with advocating for a raise, really focusing on making sure you are not selling yourself short in any way. By embodying this energy, you can create the very foundation that you have wanted to this year.

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September: Tuesday, September 17 

September is a sneak preview of what awaits you in the second half of 2025, so it's important to retain a perspective of observation this month. The highlight is the full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces, a lunation that is part of the upcoming eclipse cycle but which won't start until later next year. This eclipse occurs in your ninth house of abundance, luck, travel and new opportunities, so it's important not just to observe events around this time but to do so with a sense of courage. This would be an excellent time to consider traveling, signing up for a new class or saying yes to something you may have been too scared of previously. Pisces energy does take you out of your comfort zone, something so much of the astrology this year is doing, but only so that you can start to live life on your terms.

October: Thursday, October 17 

The Aries full moon highlights your career sector in October. While not an eclipse, the North Node is still triggering a series of events and opportunities to help move you toward not just success in your career but also being able to focus more on your dreams rather than just being a supportive role in the lives of those you care about.

Reflect on the Aries solar eclipse that occurred in April and what changes or new opportunities it brought into your life. Now, look at what you created. If you realize you are now living what, at one point, you only dreamed you could, then practice an energy of gratitude.


If you look back and wish you would have done more or taken that big risk, it's okay, too. Decide with this lunation to not let a single opportunity pass you by, not because you can control the outcome, but because you know you will always be provided for by the universe regardless of what happens.

November: Sunday, November 3 

As the dust continues to settle from the Aries full moon, Mars shifts into Leo once again, focusing your attention on your financial life. This is something that you have been supported and encouraged to do this entire year, but now that Mars is in Leo, there is an intense passion to succeed. Mars rules the themes of passion, determination, and motivation, helping you to truly become focused on creating the financial abundance you desire. 

If you notice any challenges in this area of your life, reflect on your self-worth. With the other changes occurring in your life this year, especially those that are personal, you may still be healing. Financial difficulty is always rooted in your self-worth and what you believe you deserve. By focusing your energy on your internal beliefs surrounding money, you can adopt a frequency of abundance to make the most of Mars in Leo.

December: Sunday, December 29 

While you were off to a passionate and intense start in November with your finances, you may have to slow down in December and ensure you are taking the necessary steps to create what you want and need.


Mars will station retrograde in Leo, slowing forward momentum and helping you to feel confident in how you are creating your abundance. This can help you show up more confidently and courageously in the workplace or in taking greater risks with your business. Take the lessons Mars offers, but don't get disheartened by the slower pace. Everything tends to slow down this time of year, and it's not a reflection of how far you've come.  

Asteroid Chiron stations direct in Aries in December, so while you may feel your motivation slowing down, it is all for a higher purpose. Chiron in Aries is helping you understand that you must heal yourself within before being able to create the uplevel and career that is genuinely in alignment with your fate. Now that Chiron is direct and Mars is retrograde, it's the perfect time to go within and hatch a plan for success for the new year, as you know that after all you've been through, you are still destined to come out on top.  

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