What You Need In Your Life To Feel & Appear Confident, According To Astrology

The second house in astrology reveals what your self-worth is connected to.

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The second house of the natal chart is typically associated with finances, possessions and income, but did you know it is also the house of self-worth? Ruled by Venus, the planet of values, and Taurus, one of the two signs Venus rules, astrologers can have an idea of what your self-worth is connected to by looking at your second house.

The sign on the cusp of your second house, as well as the planets that reside there, provide clues to how you can build your self-worth.

While there is a tangible nature to the second house, it also represents and connects with the intangible such as the relationships we value and self-worth.




Let’s take a look at what it takes to build your self-worth, as well as how you define it by looking at the sign on the cusp of your second house.

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Aries on the second house cusp

Independence in action is essential to the self-worth of the native with an Aries second house. Proving themselves to themselves and others and showing they are a force to be reckoned with is important as well as a sense of being able to rise above the minutia of life and take action quickly when problems arise. Displaying their passion and ability to lead is equally important. They must rise above the crowd and show others their independence, good judgment and integrity.


Taurus on the second house cusp

Self-worth for this second house placement is tied into the physical and tangible world as Venus rules money, pleasure and attractive surroundings or things. Being well-rewarded for their hard work is vital. Some second house Taurus cusps could be artistic in some way and this could drive their self-worth if this is the case. Having an attractive and reliable partner is typically a goal with Taurus on the second house cusp.

Gemini on the second house cusp

Socializing or social connections, along with intelligence and intellect, are vital to peope with Gemini on the second house cusp. Communication will be important in some way and they could even work in a field that involves communicating with others. Education is also vital, whether it is through higher education or life experiences. Positive connections with others are especially important to anyone with this placement because, as a mutable sign, they sometimes take on the feelings and attitudes of those in their closest circle. Freedom of thought and personal independence is a must for a Gemini second house.

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Cancer on the second house cusp

Cancer is strongly connected to the home, meaning the opinions of their parents, along with feeling they are cared for by their family circle, is key to building self-worth. If this is not possible for some reason, that of their extended family or friends is just as noteworthy. Cancer is connected to emotions, so the physical is tied to the emotional. If a Cancer second house feels a lack in the material world, they will feel it in their emotional world as well. Having a solid home and others who care is vital to them along with feeling they are personally secure and protected. 


Leo on the second house cusp

The ability to be strong, self-reliant and noticed by others is vital to anyone with Leo on the second house cusp. Building their pride or self-confidence through some achievement or material gain builds their self-esteem. They must learn to reject the pettiness and jealousy of others to feel complete. Some Leo second house individuals are so attracted to the limelight they become involved in the arts, acting, or something else that brings them into the public and if this is the case; failure would create a lack of self-esteem.

Virgo on the second house cusp

Intellect and being useful to others is vital to Virgo on the second house cusp. Since they are ruled by Mercury, communication with others is important, along with acknowledgement of their intellectual abilities. They need to be appreciated for their hard work and ability to discern answers to problems. Being considered incompetent by others or unable to handle life would be devastating.



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Libra on the second house cusp

Having a partner is important to the self-worth of this individual. They may value the opinions of their partner to a large extent, but partnerships of all types are important to the self-esteem of this person as they are typically not a loner. Appearance, looks, clothing and personal adornments are important with Venus as the ruling planet of Libra. Arts can be important or in some cases creativity. Practicing self-love is key.

Scorpio on the second house cusp

Scorpio on the second house cusp needs to feel financially compensated positively and fairly for their labor to feel self-worth. They don’t necessarily express all of their passions to others, but they are there. If they have a partner they look for an equitable financial arrangement or this can affect self-worth. They need to look outside material possessions and the things of the material world to feel their worth completely. Privacy is also very important.

Sagittarius on the second house cusp

Positivity and respect are important to this person’s self-worth along with personal freedom to follow their dreams and ideas. Dreaming big is vital, along with learning to focus their energy on something that is tangible and real. Clingy people and dogma are not for this placement, and they must be free to express their opinions and ideas without being ridiculed. Travel and adventure must come into play as well for this person to have positive self-esteem.

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Capricorn on the second house cusp

Financial stability, leadership and the ability to assert personal authority are the building blocks for Capricorn on the second house cusp. The ability and opportunity to climb the ladder to success is vital to Capricorn’s self-worth, along with being fairly compensated. Having control over their own life and overcoming earlier challenges are extremely important.

Aquarius on the second house cusp

Shining as a unique individual and being able to express their opinions, ideas and values are vitally important here. Socializing and interacting with others is how they often reach their success in life. Individualism, marching to the beat of their own drummer and having the freedom to direct their own lives is important for them in terms of self-worth. They cannot be bogged down in minutia and be happy, nor can they be forced to conform to standards they don’t agree with. Their intellect is important and they are often ahead of their times in the material world.

Pisces on the second house cusp

Love is vital to this person in terms of self-worth along with compassion. Feeling connected to others who appreciate their sensitivity and compassion is top of the list. Spirituality can be important as they are often able to transcend the material world on a mental or psychic level and feel and imagine what lies beyond. Cruelty and repression cannot be abided and it is hard for them to function in the world if they are damaged in this way. Creativity and the arts can be very important to some with Pisces on the second house cusp.


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