Monthly Capricorn Tarot Card Reading

March 2021

Tarot Card: Three of Wands, reversed

As a hard worker, you want to see your efforts bear the right kind of fruit - the last thing you want is to end up spending a ton of time on a project only to watch it fail.

While March is not about to bring you failure, it is going to bring you a few setbacks, when it comes to work.

There are people you work with who simply cannot get on board with the right kind of thinking for success, and they are seriously dragging things down - if you are the Capricorn in a position of authority, you may be letting one or two of your workers go this month.

It won't feel great, but it will be necessary. March is your Spring, and you see it as a new beginning; you can't have naysayers and ne'er-do-wells destroying all of your well-laid plans.

Do what you must do and don't look back, Capricorn. You recognize the importance of your actions; do them without regret.

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