Monthly Capricorn Tarot Card Reading

July 2021

Tarot Card: Queen of Wands

It always makes sense when Capricorn draws a Queen, and even more sense when it's the Queen of Wands.

If there were a corresponding suit for Capricorn, it would naturally be the suit of Wands, as this suit directly related to work, work ethic, ambition, and creative drive. As the Queen, you rule the month. July is yours and all goes exactly as you wish.

You can't say that for June, as you were tested beyond your means during that time. Yet, July is the turnaround you had hoped for. But in Capricorn's world, there is no hoping for something without your amazing effort in making it so.

You are a doer, not a witness - you participate in your own story, and July is going to have you doing what you do best: working hard with complete focus.

You like to run your life and business smoothly, and you will have that chance this month.

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