Monthly Capricorn Tarot Card Reading

February 2024

Past: Ten of Cups

As a person of great ideals, you've always believed that if you are loved and in a great, loving relationship, you can handle all the world's troubles. Love has always been your backbone and your strength, and with love in your heart, you knew you could face any storm.

Present: Three of Swords

While this card oftentimes implies heartbreak, in the case of your present, you will find that during February 2024, you will simply have to accept that nothing is perfect and that idealistic love is always a disappointment ... though that doesn't mean it's imperfect. This time has you understanding that even your ideal love situation has its 'beautiful' flaws.

Future: Knight of Cups

Nothing prevents you from upholding your ideals, as you are eternally the Knight of Cups, the bringer of love and good tidings, no matter what your situation may be. You may be sad on the inside, but you know that if you can give love, then you are on the right track toward complete healing.

Thoughts and keywords: pure contentment, memory of heartache, knowing how to get it right this time, dedicating yourself to being a person who gives love.

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