Weekly Libra Love Horoscope

Mar 20, 2023 - Mar 26, 2023

Most romantic day of the week: Tuesday, March 21st

Aries is your polarizing sign and the rules of your seventh house or romantic sector of your natal chart. When there is an activity in this part of your chart, you will see the effects play out within your romantic life. Aries is a fire sign that is passionate and tends to say what it needs to rather than worry about how it comes across. It will set life on fire if it brings greater peace – while you often need to learn that if keeping the peace outside of you costs you your internal peace, it is never worth it.

This week the Aries New Moon in your romance sector means a monumental new beginning is on the way, but there is going to be a journey over the next month as it comes to greater fruition at the second Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse in April. For now, simply open yourself to things turning out differently than the old you thought they would and be ready to seize your blessings.

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