Weekly Libra Love Horoscope

Nov 30, 2020 - Dec 6, 2020

As an Air Sign, Libra, you’re ready to make the most of this Eclipse.

Your mind has been increasing in its activity the closer we’ve gotten to this event, and at this point you’re almost giddy with anticipation that something is about to change. You can feel it.

A big part of this is the energy you’ve already put into changing things this year, but the other part is that you’re also ready to let go of what is holding you down. The past month or so, thanks to Mercury and Venus’s stint through your sign, you've been more aware of what balance truly is, and the part you can play in the creation of destruction of it.

Sometimes, it’s not the idea of balance but the one of fairness that seems to cause issues when you're asked to make decisions or choices in your life. But when we place ourselves at the center of our own life, building those pieces around us, we see that it doesn’t matter if something is fair for another if it’s us who is missing out.

Lean into what requires your attention during this Full Moon because you’re learning that it's better to let fate find you than for you to exhaust yourself trying to create it. Relax and trust, which are both hard concepts for you but are so very important.

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