3 Healthy Ways To Put Your Happiness FIRST


Putting yourself first can be a great thing!

There is much criticism today of putting yourself first. But not all of that is unhealthy selfishness. Here are 3 healthy ways to put yourself first.

1. Take Charge Of Your Own Happiness.

You are the only one who can know what makes you happy. So don't put that responsibility onto other people, especially your spouse or partner. Instead, know the conditions in which you thrive, and allow yourself to live those conditions. Just like a plant needs a certain amount of water and sunlight, and a particular type of soil, so do you.

If you have started to realize that you feel drawn toward a different career, begin taking the steps now. If you yearn to move out of the city, and maybe even to another part of the world, do it. Collaborate with your loved ones so that each person has their turn living their dreams. Even better when each other's dreams build upon one another.

2. Give Your Life Meaning And Purpose.

If you're wondering about the meaning of life or what your purpose is, it is a sign you have disconnected from your innermost nature and have to re-align with who you really are inside. In the meantime, look around you. There are so many opportunities to improve the conditions for all of us to thrive that you just have to choose one.

Decide upon one action that feels meaningful to you, and make that your purpose for that day. All small things add up. For instance, if you're tired of people being mean to one another, then decide to be kind for a single day, no matter how hard it may feel to sustain that kindness.

Like when that blond kid in the black SUV behind you flips you off as he passes you on the highway, not knowing that the person in front of you who was holding up traffic had just turned off. Take a deep breath. Get back to meditating on being kind for the day.

3. Balance The Time You Spend With Others With Time For Yourself.

Some of you are constantly doing for others; your boss, your husband, the kids, and any friend who calls you for a favor. Schedule time in your calendar to do for you. At least one hour per day would be preferable, but even an hour or three during a week would be a start.

Maybe Saturday morning is the time for hubby to watch the kids while you go to yoga. Or Tuesday evenings you go to the ceramics or dance class you've always wanted to try.

Putting yourself first doesn't have to be a bad thing. Do it with love and a sense of purpose, and it's a great thing!