Father's Day Fun: 5 Reasons To Date A Single Dad

Dating: Father's Day Fun: 5 Reasons To Date A Single Dad

Dating a single dad may seem threatening, but it comes with several benefits as well.

Many women are put off by the idea of dating a guy with kids. The reasons for this are numerous and personal. Some women may think that a single father won't give them the attention they want or deserve. Others worry that kids will mean a never-ending link between their man and his ex-wife. Then there are those who simply don't care for children; sticky hands and snotty noses aren't what they're looking for in their dating life.

But, with Father's Day just around the corner (seriously, how is it the middle of June already…in 2014 no less), it's an apt time to reflect on whether or not a single date is a solid romantic investment.

The worries and fears that many women harbor are indeed warranted. The typical single dad sees, and should see, their child as the most important thing in his life. But, of course, this preoccupation isn't limited to guys who have procreated; a childless man can be just as preoccupied with work, a hobby, or his pet pigmy goat that he is just a little too close to for it to be socially acceptable.

The point is that all relationships have an If Factor: "If this happens" or "if that happens". The goal is to look past the If Factor into the heart of the person you're interested in. Once you do that, you may find that single dads make some of the best lovers. And, here's why:

1. Single Dads Have Perspective: Having kids can't help but make a person change, and usually for the better. The greatest change is people stop focusing on themselves — they no longer have the time or energy to be self-centered. Kids also give people a new perspective on life, showing them clearly what is important and what is not. Things that men cared about in the past —petty, insignificant things —are seen for what they really are the instant their child is born.

2. Single Dads Want More Kids
Another benefit to dating a guy with kids is, well, the kids. Many women want children, not all, but many and by dating a single father, they know they're with a guy who is willing to have them. Of course, some men may have one and then be done, but many are willing to widen their brood, especially if it's with the right woman.

3. Single Dads Have Maturity: "Men are so immature" is practically written on the family crest of the female gender. They see men as immature because, quite frankly, we often are. It's not that we constantly sit around and quote Caddy Shack or wrestle one another to the ground and fart on each other's heads (not that we don't do that). Instead, it's that we can have trouble communicating, committing, and taking care of ourselves. A child changes all of this; once you have a baby, you can't be the baby anymore.

4. Singled Dads Are Settled Down: Another common complaint women have about men is in regards to their nomadic or party-animal lifestyle. Some women balk at men's inability to set up roots somewhere, jumping around from place to place instead. Others don't like men who are perpetually stuck in their early twenties, hitting the bars, or the clubs every single night. While some single dads may still engage in this kind of activity— there are babysitters, after all— most have no desire to. Rather than boys night out involving a mosh pit and tequila shots, it involves batting cages and kiddie cones.

5. Single Dads Are Easier to Win Over: Some men are easy to win over: What they are looking for in a woman can be summed up as "breathing." Others are difficult; they're forever convinced that someone better for them is out there. Single dads, however, are among the easiest to win over. The reason is simple: be nice to their kids and you'll grab their heart forever.

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