What is the One Thing You Need To Have a Great Marriage?


You've heard the tale of Abraham Lincoln haven't you?  Lincoln failed in business, he lost his sweetheart, he lost several elections: Senator, Vice President, Congressman.  He had a nervous breakdown.

And, he was our 16th president.

Maybe you have heard the tale of Thomas Edison.  It's said that he tried several thousand different experiments with the light bulb before he found a filament that would enable to bulb to stay lit more than a handful of seconds.

What about the names Randy Thomas and Bob Carlisle?  These two were part of a band called 'Allies' that formed in 1984.  They wrote songs for their band and others, yet, their most widely recognized tune "Butterfly Kisses" wasn't written until 1997, nearly 13 years later.

They kept working at it. 

Lincoln wanted to help people and serve in our government.  He kept working on his journey in politics, election after election. 

Edison kept working in his Menlo Park laboratory looking for the right combination that would make a light bulb last, experiment after experiment. 

Bob and Randy kept working at their writing skills, song after song.

It is said that a poet may write fifty poems, but only be recognized for the fiftieth poem.  Yet, without the forty-nine poems that came before, there would be no fiftieth poem.

Writer and coach, Dan Miller, says that success is "a progressive realization of worthwhile goals".  Think about those words: Progressive Realization

It means that you have to keep working at it.  It means that the day you get married is just the beginning.  It means that marriage is a journey that you take together.  Every choice you make adds to, or takes away from, your marriage. 

The success isn't the wedding ceremony.  Success comes from continuing to work at your marriage after the ceremony.

What did Lincoln, Edison Carlisle and Thomas have that you need in your marriage?


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