Men Only Want Sex And Grilled Cheese — SAY WHAT?

sex and grilled cheese
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All guys aren't emotionless jerks. So why are women treating them that way?

According to Fitbrains.com, "Women typically have a larger limbic system than men, which makes them more in touch and expressive with their emotions." In other words, women tend to be more emotional than men. We cry at the ending of The Notebook even though we've seen it a million times. Our emotional connections develop faster, and we sometimes get upset at the little things.

But a few weeks ago, as I was reading the latest edition of Cosmopolitan, I saw something in the cover story with Emmy Rossum that irked me. "Guys want two things: grilled cheese and sex," the quote read.

Although an obvious exaggeration, I couldn't help but feel frustrated. What about caring for their careers, families and love lives? Don't men care about those things too?

The problem is that we've put men into such a negative category when it comes to dating and relationships. We see them as the ones who couldn't commit even if their lives depended on it, who care only about sex (and apparently grilled cheese) and who wouldn't be caught dead doing something chivalrous.

This stereotype of men has women calling them out whenever a man does want to hold their door, call when he says he will and genuinely want to be with her. It's as though we see it all as too good to be true.

Well, ladies, it's time to break that perception, and it all starts with allowing whichever guy you're seeing to have a clean slate.

Don't judge him because the mistakes of other men who hurt you. Learn to realize that men are emotional too. They crave love and affection and, oftentimes, are looking for the "one" just as much as any other human being.

With this new mindset, you and your man can enjoy being on the same wavelength of emotions. Who knows, maybe you'll even share the same box of tissues during your next screening of The Notebook.