10 Easy Methods Of Clearing Negative Energy From Your Home

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For people who are sensitive to energy, you might be encountering a buildup of negative energy from daily work stress.

If you've been working from home since the start of the pandemic, you may have noticed a difference in how your space feels.

Does it feel heavy, stuffy, or not as comfortable as it once did?

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Add the negative energy to other high-stress factors like the pandemic, politics, and the economy, and you start to understand the toll this takes on where you live and how you feel there.

Negative energy builds up and will make your home feel heavy and static, rather than open and light.

So, how do you remove the negative influences in order for life supportive forces to flow freely, once again?

Here are 10 easy methods for clearing negative energy from your home.

1. Clear your own energy.

Your own energy can develop a negative charge. Since you're in your home, you might as well start with yourself!

Take an Epsom salt bath, which is known for its detoxifying properties. Soak for 10 to 20 minutes and relax while the salt does the work for you. Add lavender essential oil for a calming twist, or citrus essential oils like lemon or lime for an energy boost.

Another way to refresh your energy is by spending time in nature. Walking in a wooded area will help ground and center you.

Running water offers negative ions, which improve mood and eliminate excess positive ions pumped out by electromagnetic fields that are all around you.

A long-time proven method for calming your energy field is meditation. Sitting quietly for even five minutes while counting your breaths will absolutely instill a sense of peace and calm in your body and mind.

2. Sweep the front stoop.

Sweeping with a broom does more than clear away dirt and debris from the front or rear entrance to your home. It also removes unwanted or negative energy.

Many Asian cultures sweep every morning to start the day fresh. This is also a Feng Shui practice for clearing and moving energy.

3. Smudge your home.

This Native American tradition uses the smoke from white sage to cleanse the energy of your body and home. Sometimes, a blend is used which helps, because sage merely clears — but you don't want to leave the energy empty.

A blended smudge stick might include juniper and sweetgrass, so while cleaning the energy you are replacing it with good energy at the same time.

Palo Santo wood is another option that's less smoky with a light fragrance that some people prefer.

Start by lighting the wood or the bundle of herbs. Then blow out the flame which allows it to smoke lightly as you walk around your home to clear the space and air.

You can also smudge your body to clear the energy.

4. Light a Himalayan salt lamp.

Rough-cut pink or peach-colored salt crystal chunks have been crafted into lamps. Keeping the lamp lit warms the salt and allows it to gently cleanse the energy of a room.

Salt chunks have also been carved into candle holders to serve the same purpose.

5. Sprinkle saltwater.

Put a small amount of water into a small bowl and add salt. Then, with your fingers, sprinkle the areas outside all doors leading into your home.

Salt is a traditional energy cleansing agent that purifies. You might also sprinkle saltwater on the thresholds and set an intention that all who enter bring peace to your home.

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6. Visualize clearing the energy.

Put on some quiet yoga or meditation music, then sit quietly in a comfortable position. Allow your body to relax as you breathe deeply. When you feel ready, imagine you're clearing away all vestiges of negative energy from your home.

You could visualize a special air vacuum that removes all negativity, leaving the space clear and fresh. Or you might picture some other sort of cleaning, like mopping or dusting to eliminate the negativity.

Once completed, picture a white and gold light that moves in from the heavens to fill the space with positive vibes that nourish and support you. Visualizations like this are powerful.

7. Cultivate house plants.

Bringing a bit of nature into your living space keeps your energy fresh and vibrant.

Green plants are extremely popular right now. Plus, plants add oxygen to your environment as they use the carbon dioxide that you expel.

If your green thumb is untested, try something easy to care for, such as a philodendron which doesn't need a lot of direct sunlight or water. If you're already a plant enthusiast, you might want to grow herbs, too, so you can use them in your cooking. 

8. Position crystals.

Crystals are basically minerals or rocks with special properties. If you want to clear the negative energy from your living space, try a combination of selenite and amethyst.

Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone, able to sweep away negativity. Often available in bars or "wands," you simply sweep the selenite down in front of your body, head to toe, and then the back, as best you can.

This works especially well for overwhelm and excessive thinking. You can also walk through your home slowly waving the selenite through the air and along the walls and doorways.

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When you complete this process, place amethyst points or tumbled stones (small pieces will do) in the corners of your most lived-in rooms, or through all of them.

When it comes to protection and clarity, amethyst is a true champion.

To keep the crystals working, clear your amethyst weekly by submerging in saltwater. Or, place it along with your selenite outdoors in the sun or moonlight for cleansing.

Never soak your selenite wand in water — it will dissolve.

9. Diffuse essential oils.

One easy way to give your home a good clearing is to diffuse essential oils. Be sure to choose a quality brand made with an organic process to get the highest vibration possible.

Try an oil like lemongrass, which is a powerful energy cleanser, or cilantro, which detoxifies negative emotions. You might also consider melaleuca, also called tea tree oil, which clears away negative baggage.

In addition, essential oils pump up your positive energy. Try lime, which promotes a zest for life, cypress, which fosters energetic flow, or wild orange to uplift spirits and encourages abundance.

10. Chant, pray, or sing.

Almost all spiritual practices include chanting or singing along with prayer. You automatically elevate your vibration when you use your vocal cords in a positive way.

When you speak or sing, your vocal cords vibrate to make the sound, which runs throughout your body. As you walk around your home singing, praying, or chanting, you spread those good vibes everywhere!

Start a weekly cleansing practice.

Now that you have plenty of options to choose from, try one soon to cleanse your home and purify your living space.

A weekly practice will keep the good vibes flowing. However, if you have a particularly stressful day or something big happens, you can always clear the energy instead of waiting until the end of the week.

Keeping your personal energy clear as well as your home's will help you focus, be more creative, and experience better moods.

Join the fun and start clearing your energy today!

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