What You Need To Know About Energy Clearing & 12 Signs You Need It

Energy clearing is a type of energy healing the releases energy that does not serve you

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What's an energy clearing?

Energy healing applies to all kinds of imbalances because everything is made of energy. In fact, thoughts, emotions, connections, and spirituality all deal with energy.

However, energy clearing relates specifically to a situation where you have energy that does not serve you and the proper course of action is to release it.

Energy clearing is releasing the energy that doesn't serve you.


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How To Know If You Need Energy Clearing

When someone says you need energy clearing, it usually means that you're exhibiting a sign that is indicative of an energy imbalance.

The best remedy for the latter is an energy healing session, which, of course, would also include cleansing.

Here are 12 signs you need energy clearing:

1. You are unable to sleep or experiencing poor quality sleep.

2. You feel tired even when you feel you've gotten adequate sleep.

3. You're lethargic, down, depressed, and/or anxious for no particular reason.


4. You are experiencing multiple health issues (headaches, dizziness, stiffness, pain, etc), either simultaneously or sequentially, especially if this is an atypical experience for you.

5. An awareness that something is off but you can't pinpoint the cause or can't find an adequate remedy.

6. You're noticing a persistent bad feeling or bad vibe related to someone, someplace, something, or some event and you can't shake it.

7. You sense  bad or negative energy or something hanging around you.

8. You sense bad or negative feelings within yourself like heaviness, stuckness, or another palpable or strange feeling.

9. You're constantly fidgeting and/or restless, which is unlike you.


10. You find yourself thinking and behaving in circular, confused, uncontrolled, and unproductive ways.

11. You feel stuck.

12. You've been experiencing extreme emotions and/or emotional volatility without an identifiable cause.

What I find is most indicative of the need for energy clearing is when you can't put your finger on the cause of an imbalance or you try everything and nothing works.

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Can energy clearing be bad for you?

The simple answer is, no.

Subtle life-force energy (i.e. that which gives you life) can do no harm. In addition, most forms of energy healing are actually self-healing modalities. The body, mind, and spirit seek balance.


Health is a state of balance while dis-ease is a state of imbalance. Hence, you won't gain or lose life-force energy through the cleansing process unless it supports good health and well-being.

Therefore, energy cleanses can be used prophylactically without the fear of negative side effects.

Energy Healing to Maintain Balance, Good Health, and Well-Being

The most common ways to clear energy are:

Smudging (using smoldering energy clearing herbs)

Energy healing

Salt baths, with or without detoxing or cleansing essential oils


Working with crystals such as selenite and quartz

Meditations specifically designed for clearing

Being in nature and, in particular, near trees and a source of water.

Whenever you feel a bit unlike yourself, use one of these methods that appeal to you. And, remember, it can't hurt you.

A regular preventative maintenance routine whether you sense the need or not supports balance and well-being. 

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Patricia Bonnard, PhD, ACC is a life coach, embodied practitioner, and energy healer. She offers virtual and in-person sessions and workshops, teaches energy healing, and has an informative eBook Clearing Energy With Smudging. See more and contact her at Starchaser Integrated Coaching and Energy Healing.