Are you Ready for Love? Score Your Readiness Level


Many singles dream of having a long-term committed relationship that is happy and fulfilling. Unfortunately singles often stand in the way of their own happiness because they are not ready for love. You may be your biggest obstacle to your relationship success!

Just being single doesn't mean you are ready for love. Getting ready, not surprisingly, means you need to make an effort and do the necessary work. But the good news is that if you do it right, you have a high probability of achieving the real deal: a love that is deep, long lasting and fulfilling because both partners are compatible and share the same life vision and goals.

If that is the type of love you want then here are 10 questions that will help you determine whether you are ready for love. Rate your readiness level for each question on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest score.

1. Do you know what you want?

Do you have a clear vision for your life and love relationship? Are you aware of your values and your dreams? Can you envision your ideal life and relationship in rich detail?
Are you focused on achieving your goals?

2. Do you know your relationship requirements?

Do you have a written list of at least five non-negotiable relationship requirements that you use for screening potential partners? Are you clear that if even one is missing, a relationship will not work for you?

3. Are you a happy and successful single?

Do you enjoy your life, your work, your family, your friends, and your own company? Are you currently living the life you want, and not seeking a relationship out of desperation and need?

4. Are you ready and available for commitment?

Do you have any emotional or legal baggage from a previous relationship? Does your schedule, commitments and lifestyle allow you availability to build a new relationship?

5. Are you satisfied with your work/career?

Is your work fulfilling? Does it support your lifestyle, and not interfere with your availability for a new relationship?

6. Are you healthy in mind, body, and spirit?

Does your physical, mental, or emotional health interfere with having the life and relationship that you want? Are you reasonably happy and satisfied with your life?

7. Is your financial and legal business handled?

Do you have any financial or legal issues that would interfere with having the life and relationship that you want?

8. Are your family relationships functional?

Do your relationships with your children, ex, siblings, parents, and extended family interfere with having the life and relationship that you want?

9. Do you have effective dating skills?

Do you initiate contact with people you want to meet, and disengage from people who are not a good match for you? Do you keep your physical and emotional boundaries, and balance your heart with your head with potential partners?

10. Do you have effective relationship skills?

Do you understand relationships? Are you able to maintain closeness and intimacy; communicate authentically; assertively negotiate differences positively; allow yourself to trust and be vulnerable; and can you give and receive love without emotional barriers?

Add up your scores!

If you scored 49 points or less, you need to do some significant work if you are serious about finding your love match.

If you scored between 50 and 70, you still have some work to do to become ready for the love of your life.

If you scored between 80 and 100, you have obviously taken the time and put in the effort to realize a goal that is very important to you. You have a high probability of success in love.

If your score is low, don't despair! This is a wake up call for you and an opportunity to get ready for the partner you truly want and deserve. Your best chance of being successful in finding lasting love is to be guided through the process of getting ready for it. A professionally trained relationship coach can help you do that.

You deserve to have an amazing life with a loving partner. Are you willing to do what it takes to ensure your success?