How to Avoid Killing Your Chances of a Relationship

Learn how to avoid committing this cardinal sin in the early stages of dating!

Last night on my Twitter feed, I noticed a colleague tweeted a statistic:

“29% of people have sex on a first date. “ And I wonder which percentage of that 29 % gets to the second date!

This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite texts I once read on

“(845): I'm going to have sex with him on the second date. I don't give a **** what Patti Stanger says.”

To each her own, huh?

Perhaps, you too have ignored popular dating rules from relationship experts such as Ms. Millionaire Matchmaker herself to yours truly. If you’ve had sex, blabbed about your ex, or got into a drunken stupor within the first three dates, chances are you didn’t give your date the impression that you necessarily want or are ready for an exclusive, committed relationship. To be clear, if you got into a drunken stupor, blabbed about your ex, and then had sex, the conditions are even less in your favor.

Now, some people-like that 29%-will resist conforming to such rules and insist that if there’s a true connection things will work out no matter what they do!

I am here to tell you that in the majority of instances, this is simply not the case. You can’t act like a freak, show too much affection too soon, and start planning the future without scaring most people off. When singles deviate from certain norms and do whatever they feel like in a dating context with the expectation that strangers-a.k.a. their dates-won’t pass judgment, they are deluding themselves! They are like drunk drivers who think they are invincible. No one ever thinks they will get a DUI or get into an accident, but it happens to many people every day.

If you tend to think along such a grandiose lines, realize that there is one cardinal sin even you can’t afford to commit:

You can give some of it up too-soon sometimes, but you can’t immediately give all of it up all of the time!

Take that as you will, but get this straight: Whether “giving it up” means sexual acts or sharing the details of your entire life story, when dating, it is best to give it up in moderation.

Do you give up too much too soon? How is that working out in your love life?

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