Your Plan For The Ultimate Romantic Date Night At Home


Why order in when you can be the main course!

Ready for the ultimate date night plan? We flip the traditional date night order upside down to guarantee you have a much sexier, steamier night! 

First, invite your lover to join you for a long evening of shared pleasure. Either make a late dinner reservation (no earlier than 8PM) or plan to dine in. Either way, stock up on lots of snacks, drinks and candles. Turn off your phones and computers, warm up the house and embark on the ultimate three course meal that will have you swooning in delight. 

1. Nibble

Every date night should start with a transition period. Give yourself time to let the stress of the day drop away, and begin getting attuned to your lover.

Put on some music, relax, have a drink. Start the evening with a light bite. A tray of fruit, a bit of cheese and a handful of nuts can go a long way as a first course. Keep snacks on hand at all times during date nights. Learn your lover’s preferences and keep some of their favorites ready for a quick bite. Healthy food is better fuel for sex, so stick with things like fruit and veggies, yogurt, meat and cheese, whole grain muffins and breads. You want to be held over until a late dinner, but don't want to crash and get too hungry.

Spend at least twenty minutes snacking, relaxing and goofing around in whatever way is most natural for you as a couple. Talk about your day, share any ideas for the evening ahead, and just hang out together. Nibble generously on the snacks and one another. Make your date night more romantic by telling one another what you love most about the other: specific things that make you unique and irreplacable!

2. Devour

Your next date night course is each other! Start with hot showers or baths, alone or together, as you choose. Then get into bed and begin touching one another. We love to start with massage—full body touch is amazing foreplay, allowing you the chance to relax and sink into the sensation of your lover's touch. Lavish one another with pleasurable touch, head to toe. Take your time and tease it out—the evening is only beginning after all!

Run your nails down their back, lick the back of their knees, nibble on their shoulders. Spend the time to get them gasping for more, and only then make love and enjoy as many orgasms as you wish. This part of the evening can last as long as you want, or until your dinner reservations, whichever come first. After you make love, spend some time in your afterglow and then get ready for dinner.

3. Dine

Food definitely tastes better after orgasm, and if you've devoured one another with enough passion, you are sure to be hungry by now. You can choose to go out to eat or stay in. Each year your priorities will shift. Ask yourselves: which sounds more pleasurable, a fancy meal out or a home cooked feast in pajamas?

If you go out, make a late reservation if you want a fancier dining experience. Be part of the "second seating" and then linger at your table. The restaurant will be more relaxed after the big crowds have left and you'll be able to savor each course. If fancy dining isn't your thing, it can also be fun to go to a cheap restaurant and order up a storm—your favorite taqueria or burger joint will probably be empty and ready to serve you a feast.

If you dine out, bring the intimacy of your lovemaking out into the world—continue to hold hands in the car, make eye contact across the table, touch one another's hands as you wait for your meal, feed one another small bites of your dishes. You'll be the happiest couple in the room.

If you choose to stay in, pick a simple menu so you don't have to cook after making love (unless cooking is a pleasurable, sexy activity for you as a couple!) Roast a chicken ahead of time or pick up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery. Make a lasagna or pot of soup the night before and pop it in the oven while you cuddle. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to cook fancy recipes for the first time on romantic holidays but why stress? Make your favorite meal that you can cook with minimum fuss. Add a few special ingredients and you'll still save money over going out. Even ordering a pizza can be highly romantic if it means you get to stay relaxed and in the pleasure zone with your lover after a stressful week.

Dessert is, of course, an erotic experience for many women. We’ve also met quite a few guys who go gooey over the right slice of pie. Sharing a dessert can prevent sugar crashes and forces you to slow down and savor each bite. Make eye contact as you eat together and enjoy sharing the sensual experience of eating. Pay attention to the texture and mouthfeel of your food, and talk about how the food tastes. Watch your lover’s lips as they enjoy each bite. Reach across the table, touch your lover and say out loud one thing you find beautiful about their face. Risk being a foolish romantic- it is a special occasion, after all.

After this three course lover's feast you may call it a night—or be ready to devour one another again. For most people, this kind of attention and full body pleasure is more than enough gift for any special occasion. But if you want to offer a wrapped box of any kind, slip it in just after you have lavished your lover with pleasure, and their body is still pulsing with pleasure. Anything you offer will be far more memorable if it is unwrapped in the afterglow of orgasmic pleasure.

Wishing you all many pleasurable date nights all year round!

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