A Valentine's Day Challenge!

Love, Self

No matter what your relationship status, this challenge will boost your love life!

Every February, we hear alot about looove and valentines and hearts and flowers and kisses. Depending on your relationship status – and your state of mind – this is either super-fun and exciting, or it’s a total downer.

Whether you’re happily coupled, happily single….or not-so-happily coupled or not-so-happily single, the challenge for February is to fall passionately in love….with yourself. I challenge you to love yourself enough to:

  • be gentle in the way you speak to yourself
  • get enough sleep
  • find a little extra money to put towards debt or towards savings/retirement
  • eat something every day specifically for its health benefits
  • do something physical every day that will improve the way your body feels and functions

In essence, I’m requesting that you treat yourself the way you’d like to be treated by the partner of your dreams.

How would that partner look out for you? What would that partner want for you? I challenge you to BE that partner for yourself.

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Happy February, everyone! Please share what you’re doing to be your own Valentine!

This article was originally published at Nicole Burley. Reprinted with permission from the author.