How Facebook Is Ruining Your Relationship

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Don't let social media interfere with your love life.

You've had a long day and need some time to unwind. What is the first activity you are drawn to do? For most people, it's Facebook, much to the dismay of their significant others and to the detriment of their romantic relationships.

It's not that Facebook itself is a harmful way of interacting with others; it is the addictive behavior that hooks people into losing big chunks of time, gazing at the lives of others that becomes very problematic in love.

As a recent study cited, it is a cycle which probably starts casually then balloons into a habit that leads to sleep deprivation, and ultimately to a lack of emotional and physical intimacy. This research is a wake up call to the importance of keeping our relationships at the forefront of our priority lists. After all, no person is immune to potential idols. They can come in all packages, including habitual, late-night Facebook gazing.

The best preventive measure for keeping benign interests from becoming dangerous hazards in love is to take proactive steps toward achieving relationship goals. Being in a stage of daydreaming and mindless activity night after night will lead you away from the strong, close connection you want to maintain in your relationship.

So what does a so-called harmless pastime like Facebooking have to do with the direction of one's life? It is a symptom of a larger issue of non-directional living. If Facebook is a daily habit, it is a means of emotional escape. It will not increase value in your life.

What you do with your time does have consequences; nothing is frivolous. Your thoughts control your life. They are not stagnant. Rather, you move move in the direction you meditate on. 

A nightly dose of the lives of acquaintances is a passive way to disconnect with your immediate, intimate relationships. That extra time would be better spend deepening those connections which would lead to a more enriching and fulfilling life. What you do with your time does matter and will lead to particular consequences.

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