7 Secrets To Get ANY Man To Seriously Notice You — In A Good Way

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Ways To Boost Your Looks When You're Dating
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Well-groomed, stylish women catch bigger, better fish.

It's a cruel fact of life: Most single men won't pursue you if you don't present an attractive presence. Shallow?  Perhaps. But a man's sexual prowess is controlled by his eyes.

Calm down! Men appreciate a variety of facial types and body shapes. 

Yes, a woman's self-improvement should begin on the inside, but the way a woman dresses reveals a lot about the way she feels about herself; her personal style expresses her level of confidence, branding and position in life.  

On second thought, forget about trying to impress a man — look your absolute best because you're worth it!

Here are seven tips to help spiff up your exterior image when you're dating:

1. Analyze which colors look best on you


Flattering colors, whether it is clothing or cosmetics, are especially important around your face. Do yourself a favor and find out if your best colors are warm or cool tones.

2. Find a core fashion style

Women wear only 20 percent of their clothing. That tells me, get rid of the 80 percent that is taking up valuable space in your closet. Your goal is to eliminate the clothes from your closet that you never wear because they do not fit properly, and are unflattering in color or style.

Understanding your fashion personality style will help you avoid future clothing mistakes.

3. Wear clothes that fit your body shape


No, Virginia, "blimp" is not a body shape! Stand in front of a full-length mirror, and be honest. Ugh! It's time to explore the lingerie department for bras that defy gravity and body smoothers that conceal donuts and cottage cheese. 

4. Accessorize!

Accessories are the essence of style: belts, jewelry, scarves, purses, hats, patterned hosiery and shoes turn any outfit into a fashion statement. Out-of-date eyeglasses will murder an otherwise great look.

5. Find a hairstyle that fits you


If your stylist continually turns your hair orange, gold or green — and it's not supposed to be that color — ditch the loyalty and switch to another stylist. Short hair can make you look sassy and youthful! Hair extensions are not just for long hair styles.

6. Ease up on the makeup.

Mature women need minimum foundation, mascara, blush and lip color. Fill in sparse brows with eye shadow. Puck or wax your uni-brow.

7. Groom yourself.


Face: Buy yourself a lighted 5x magnifying mirror and get ready to be grossed out! Next to plastic surgery your best friends are: tweezers, Nair for the face, Botox, dermal fillers and quality anti-aging skincare. 

Teeth: Go to the mirror right now and take an honest look at your teeth. Are your teeth stained, crooked or chipped? Then ask yourself, "Are you turned off by a man's ragged, discolored teeth?"  

Hands and Feet: Stop biting those nails! And get regular manicures and pedicures and use hand lotion on your alligator paws. 

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This article was originally published at Know It All Nancy. Reprinted with permission from the author.