Love Games: Make Him Want You Tonight, Part 1


Tired of him ignoring?

There is nothing like mind games to put him in his place and remind him of the sex goddess you once were. Sometimes, women need to venture out and leave their man to his wiles.  Am I talking about literally going out on a night on the town with the girls? Maybe. Why not?

But if you don’t feel like a girl’s night out, make plans of your own. Sometimes, we spend so much time wrapped up in our families, especially our men, that we often neglect ourselves and our own interests. We spend so much time catering to them and their every whim that we lose ourselves in the process, being there whenever they beckon.

Why? Well, there are various articles, movies and songs reminding us that if we don’t take care of him and his needs, someone else will. Still, sometimes a little distance can work wonders for a relationship. If you are always crowding your man, give him room, time and space enough in which to miss you.

Believe it or not, a day or two of you coming home, giving him a generic kiss, checking the mail, getting dinner and all the other services you provide before settling down with your laptop, e-reader, Kindle, or whatever form by which you relax, without bothering him, could make him wonder where his companion is, emotionally speaking.

Though you’re in the next room, limit waiting on him. Otherwise, it’s easy for him to take advantage of you and the fact that you will always be there for him. Forget about him. Spend some time doing other things. Because in his mind, though he cares for you, you’re nothing more than some chic he happens to share a bed with every night.

Sometimes, simply not crowding him, or bothering him when he is playing his game, or watching television will make him curious. Maybe not right away, but it will cross his mind if this behavior continues. Since we are creatures of habit, he is used to you complaining about his gaming, so imagine the disbelief if you suddenly stopped that behavior for a day or two? If you usually nag him about spending all his time with his game, take a different approach.

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