5 Reasons Why Women Are Bigger Cheaters Than Men

Love, Heartbreak

Ever wondered if women cheat more than men? the truth may or may not surprise you.

Relationships are the most important parts in the life of any individual. The stressed relationships often cause either of the two partners to cheat on the other. This basically happens when one is not pleased with the way the relationship is advancing. The cheating of either partner is common in both married couples and the couples who are just dating. The statistics have however proved that the overall percentage of women cheating is comparatively more than men. Thus a cheating wife is more commonly seen than a husband who is cheating on his wife.


Almost 17% of divorces all around the world are caused by infidelity. That is, seventeen out of every hundred divorced couples are separated because either of the two partners was cheating on the other. There have been several statistical surveys to get correct answers to the question "do women cheat more than men?", so here are some of the results that truly state how women do cheat more than men.

1. About 50% to 60% of women living in any major city all around the world have admitted to cheating on their partners.

2. 45% of women all around the globe are likely to cheat on their partners at some point of their lives, especially after marriage.

3. A statistical survey that was held by the National Opinion Research Center under the name General Social Survey in the year 2010 to prove that while the percentage of all cheating husbands remained constant to 21% in that year, the percentage of having a cheating wife rose to about 14.7% and continues to raise each and every year for women.


There are several reasons for the increase in the number women cheating on their partners in the last few years. Some of these reasons are briefly discussed as follows:

1. Financial Independence.

The equality of men and women in the job and economical sector has made women financially independent. A cheating wife who works is no longer dependent on anyone to earn her living. Thus the financial stability makes the women less scared to cheat on their men because even at the worst of situations, she would not be financially dependent on anyone.

2. Physical Satisfaction.

The physical needs of a woman when not fulfilled properly makes her look out for it. The physical needs and pleasures of men and women are different. The need of attaining the physical satisfaction makes a woman cheat.

3. Boost In Self Esteem.

Many women cheat on their partners to get a boost to their self esteem. Cheating on a man and getting time and attention from another man makes a woman feel important and beautiful. Hence a cheating wife who feels less important after a considerable time into marriage is common all over.

4. Emotional Needs.

After a certain time span in a relationship, an emotional stagnant point is reached where very few topics remain to be shared or talked about. Thus the woman, especially married house wives who stay most of the time at home feel bored and caged. The emotional satisfaction that she does not get at home is therefore received from a new man who is new to her life stories. Thus, cheating just for getting the emotional need and satisfaction from a new man is very common.

5. Breakup Strategy.

This is also one of the most common reasons of having a cheating wife. Mostly, women are too scared to end a relationship herself. Therefore when she wishes to end a commitment, she generally cheats on the present partner. If she is caught then obviously the relationship ends and even if she is not caught, she gains her happiness from the new partner.

Scientific Reasons

The cheating and flirtatious nature of beautiful women can also be explained scientifically. Most women who possess attractive features like high cheek bones, hour glass like figure, symmetrical facial features have a higher level of Estradiol in their body. The Estradiol is basically a ovarian hormone that also causes women to be more fertile and feel confident and beautiful within. Thus the beautiful women with higher levels of this hormone in their body feel confident to do away with their dissatisfaction of any form by cheating on their partners. 


The mindset that says that only men are the ones to cheat in a relationship is absolutely wrong since there are many instances of women doing the same to their partner. However, the idea of cheating is never desirable since it causes heartbreaks and awkward situations.