How To Talk To Women


The "5 Sense Seduction Checklist" Gives You the Power to Attract any Woman You Want.

Talking to women used to be hard. Struggling with what to say, stuck in the friend zone. I saw every attractive woman as holding a notepad and pencil in their hand when I talked to them. Every thing I said or did was graded, and if I "passed," they would award me with their attention. If I failed, they'd laugh in my face, or behind my back, and I'd walk away with a big fat red "F" on my forehead.

Then, a startling realization fell in my lap: A woman is attracted by how you make her feel, not how cool you are. And when we focus on making her feel good, talking to women, dating women, and loving women is fun, exciting, and something you can do well. In fact, talking to girls is way easier than it seems. First, let's be clear about what we're doing when we approach a woman. We want to make her feel good about us, to be attracted to us, and to want to see us again. We want her to feel excited about meeting us; to walk away from meeting us and immediately call her best friend gushing about the awesome guy she just met (you!).

When you make her feel good, make her feel noticed, and make her feel appreciated, you have a conversational aphrodisiac she can't resist. To help you remember ways to do this, use your 5 senses as your guide.

Use the 5 Sense Seducer Checklist:

  • Sight — Vision. Where are you going in this conversation? Let her know from the start that you are interested in her. This might sound weird to guys, but women don't want to guess. And unless you tell her, she's not sure. Here’s how to do it: "Hi, you look really pretty today, what's your name?" This compliments her in a way that's cool. And by asking a question right after, you save her from any feeling of awkwardness she might have if she doesn't know how to respond to your compliment.
  • Smell — Smell the roses. This is to remind you to slow down, be poised. Even if you're both in a hurry and have to get to work, don't rush. Taking your time pays her a great compliment. And you make her feel safe. Here's how to do it: Speak at a smooth rhythm. Don't be the guy who tries to cram 5000 words into one breath because he's afraid he only has one chance. Just talk at a regular pace. She'll listen.
  • Taste — Compliment her on having good taste. The smaller the better. Women love compliments on what they're wearing. Start with her shoes to practice. Then, begin to notice pendants, earrings, purses. As an example, tell her why her shoes are attractive. This makes her know you're for real. Tell her why you like them. You don't have to be Jimmy Choo or anything. Here's how to do it: "I love those shoes; you look elegant (or classy or graceful)."

NOTE: Don't tell her they make her look sexy. That type of stuff is appropriate later, when you've built up some trust and rapport. Then it will actually mean something to her. If you say stuff like that from the beginning, you look like a douche.

  • Sound — Listen. Really Listen. What is she talking about? How does that make her feel? How does that make you feel? If she's talking about work, notice. Does she seem to like her job? What does she get excited about? What's important to her? It's like a scavenger hunt to find her passion. When you get into it, it's fun for you and for her.
  • Touch — Touch her heart by affirming something she's interested in. While you're listening, if she says something that moves you (or seems to move her), let her know. This builds an emotional connection that makes the rest of the conversation easier. You make her feel safe, noticed, and affirmed. Three things every person wants to feel. Here's how to do it: "Oh, you like ____? I thought I was the only one. What gave you a passion for _____?"

Use this 5 sense seduction checklist and have fun talking to all the girls you want.

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