5 Most Common Places to Find Your Future Spouse

5 Most Common Places to Find Your Future Spouse

Meeting online may dominate the headlines, but it's not the only place to find your match.

People who wonder how to find a girlfriend or how to find a boyfriend also wonder where. In fact, "It's so hard to meet people" appears to be the battle cry of the singles, feeling as if the location logistics of dating provide for the innate difficulties to prosper.

However, the quest to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend has been made easier largely due to one thing that has made nearly all aspects of our lives easier: the internet. Yep, thanks to Al Gore, people are finding love literally from the convenience of their own living rooms.

Still, while computers may be a huge factor in relationships — a study conducted by the University of Chicago found that nearly one third of new U.S. marriages involve people who met online — they're not the only way to find a girlfriend, a boyfriend or a spouse.

Some people aren't quite on board with the Match.com and E-Harmony trains and prefer to meet through more traditional means. Whether or not you do this is your prerogative, but the more open you are to meeting people anywhere, the more likely you are to find the one.

College and High School
Once upon a time, school was one of the biggest places future spouses met......well, school and sock hops. Many marriages were made of high school sweethearts or college sweethearts. Today, not as many people meet over geometry books and candle lit cafeteria food. But, it's not entirely off the table either.

A Facebook study found that roughly 28 percent of spouses meet in college, while 15 percent meet in high school. Yet, this is largely determined by the school you attend. Brigham Young University, for instance, tends to produce a much larger number of spouses than other colleges.

Mutual Friends
People hoping to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend may benefit from asking their platonic friends. According to Time Magazine, meeting through mutual friends is still the most popular way of finding a spouse. This can involve meeting each other because you're at the same social event, or it can involve a friend going out of their way to set you up with someone they believe you'd really like. Whatever the rout, people aren't only getting by with a little help from the friends, they are also getting engaged with a little help from their friends.

Some people argue that you'll never find a girlfriend or boyfriend at a bar, at least not one you'd want to spend your life with. Yet, if this was true, bars probably wouldn't be so packed come Friday night. People aren't there for the eight dollar drinks.

Bars tend to be better for short-term flings or one night stands, but they do lead to marriage on occasion. Some statistics report that 8 to 10 percent of married couples met at a bar.

The Workplace
Finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend at work used to be quite common, but it has since been on the decline. It began increasing decades back and peaked in the early 90's, before steadily falling.

Perhaps it's that people are more career driven than in the past, or maybe it merely has to do with people afraid of being sued for sexual harassment if they so much as tell a co-worker that they look nice. Whatever the reason, once you've seen someone's cubicle, dating becomes taboo.

The dark horse in the quest to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend is the "other" factor, that is places that haven't been covered above. It turns out that people often meet in this realm. Think about everyone you know and think about where they've met.

I know spouses who have met playing volleyball, who met at the dog park, who met on a city bus, who met at the gym and even spouses who met because the guy accidentally rear ended the girl (with his car, perverts).

The point is, you can really meet people anywhere, you just have to be open to meeting them everywhere.

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