If You Haven't Found Your Soulmate Yet, Do THESE 3 Things

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how to find out your soulmate
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We need to remind ourselves what the journey of love is all about to be able to find it.

Learning how to attain the right mindset to attract your soulmate is a journey that can transform your life on top of its ultimate reward. That’s why it’s going to work! Many of us can get lost when figuring out what we really want in the first place.

Online dating is partly to blame for making dates so easily accessible.

There are too many choices to sort out. Therefore, we develop mental lists of what we want. To get back on track, we need to revisit the basics of love.

Here are 3 really important things about love that we need to re-align ourselves with.

1. Respect that love comes from the heart, not the logical mind.


Our minds try to interpret what our hearts really want, but so much of that can be distorted by our biases that are based on fears. This is why some of us may try to find the perfect person and there is no such thing. We want the comfort of having everything easy. From here, we make a mental list of what we are looking for in someone.

Then we are choosing from our analytical mind and our ego, no longer from our heart. This creates a paradox because we are no longer following our heart to find love. It is possible that we no longer trust our hearts, which gives reason to the ego.

This is why it is important to make this a journey to grow emotionally so we can trust our hearts again.

2. Understand that love’s purpose is to be open to what life brings us.

It's impossible to figure out exactly what we need. The only real thing that we need is to learn to love from the heart. To get there, we have to go through challenges to show us where we need to heal, where we need to grow emotionally.

We are conditioned to feel at fault when we make mistakes, so we prefer to turn down these opportunities. As a result, we are likely to continuously repeat the same patterns. Unfortunately, this creates enormous suffering because a broken heart is the most intense source of pain.

It is vitally important to learn how to take lessons in and grow from them. Love is the highest vibration so it is completely normal that we have issues that hold us back from it. Therefore, we should be open-minded to find the best approach to evolve emotionally while minimizing defensiveness.

A soulmate is likely to be our biggest source of growth. The heart knows this and that’s why the feelings are so intense. They are our journey to happiness but through a lot of growth. They lead us to confront our deepest issues.

It can either be easy or really difficult, depending on the level of pride we have. This is why it’s not a good idea to listen to our egos when looking for the right person because we tend to avoid letting down our armor. 

True love is the absence of ego.

3. Learn how to use intuition to follow higher guidance.


Once we realize that we are best off going on a journey towards emotional growth, we can attract whatever we need to fulfill it. The universe will somehow start to guide us in this direction.

Maybe because this is what our true purpose is. We start meeting certain people at the right time and right moment in our lives. They have hidden messages for us to aid our journey. We may see signs in the form of any of our sensory intuitions, whether we see, smell, hear, or feel something as we think it or encounter it.

There may be a science behind understanding intuition, but it’s really fun to figure it out on our own. Then, it’s a matter of connecting the dots to see other meanings. We can get these understandings at any time, usually when we are meant to.

Therefore, it's important not to turn intuition into an analytical process; it will actually shut it off. The meanings we get from our intuition are meant to help us grow emotionally and to open our minds to who our soulmate could actually be.

The purpose of a journey of emotional growth is to unlearn what we've learned, to let go of emotional baggage, and discover something deeper about our existence.

When we come into good emotional balance, we can let go of trying to make things happen and we can be comfortable just being who we are. Then it can just hit us when we aren’t looking!

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