“The return of good times is not wholly a matter of money. There is prosperity to living which is quite as important as prosperity of the pocketbook. It is not enough to be willing to make the best of things as they are. Resignation will get us nowhere. We must build what amounts to a new country. We must revive the ideals of the founders. We must learn the new values of money. It is time for pioneering – to create a new security for the house and the family…Where we were specialists in spending, we are now becoming specialists in living.” This editorial is from the Ladies Home Journal in October, but I'm not going to tell you what year just yet.

I chose the above photo to go with today's thoughts because my husband is a fisherman. He absolutely loves the outdoors, the thrill of the chase, the idea of conquering. I come from rich pioneer stock. I'm often awed by my ancestry and the things these women suffered and overcame. These are difficult times. These are days with worry and financial concerns, health issues and even safety and security issues knocking constantly at our doors. Yes we press on.

"It is not enough to be willing to make the best of things as they are." - Like our pioneer grandmothers, we too are adventurors. We are in our own 'great outdoors' with so many things luring us in, vying for our time, our attention and our resources. I loved the conclusion, "We are now becoming specialists in living." We are making hard choices, and looking forward. We are living in the moment and recognizing our worth. We are reaching further and doing more, but sometimes I fear we do not give ourselves enough credit. Our contributions are valuable and measurable. What is our new security? It is in the knowledge that we are not alone, we are not insignificant and we are not left without resources.

Today's pioneers are people who are willing to face the challenges with an attitude of curious optimism. People who look back for ideas, hints and inspiration, but then take those bits of wisdom and apply them in new and exciting ways to the events of their present. We are remembering what worked in the past, and are willing to choose new ways, new ideas while incorporating true ideals. We are the people of tomorrow, yes, but more importantly, we are the people of today.

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The quote is from Octobor 1932. Funny how real truths do not change.