5 Tips For Buying Jewelry For The Women You Love On Valentine's Day

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Give her that bling bling.

Buying the best Valentine's Day gifts can be challenged when you don't exactly how to buy jewelry. And that's because no other gift comes with more potential to be misunderstood than jewelry.

Chosen carefully and given properly, jewelry can up your game in a relationship. But buy the bling blindly, and it’s game over. With Valentine’s Day approaching, here are some jewelry buying tips for men (and women) to help ensure a positive gift-giving experience and truly show your partner how much you love them.

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1. Give jewelry that's relationship appropriate.

So, you’re seeing someone you’ve deemed bling-worthy and you’d like to give them something special. Hold on a moment. Before you max out that credit card, you need to do a relationship reality-check. Remember, unlike other gifts that are always well received — like flowers or a favorite scent of after shave — jewelry is subject to misinterpretations as to the real motive and expectations of the giver.

Let’s face it: A girl’s not going to surprise a guy with a fancy big-faced watch after a first kiss on the front porch. And no guy’s going to drop down on one knee, produce the velvet box and pop the question on a first date either. That is unless he knows right away that this is the woman he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with.

Sizing up the relationship and selecting a gift that’s appropriate to where you are in it, not where you’d like to be, is critical. 

2. Do some detective work.

Once you have an idea of how simple or extravagant your gift should be, the real challenge will be to determine what it should be. Time to call upon those keen powers of observation.

When you’re with your significant other, notice to what extent they already wear jewelry and, even more importantly, try to get a handle on quality and taste. Depending on the level of your relationship, this is easier said than done. If your powers of observation aren’t cutting it, feel free to ask a friend or family member of the guy or girl you’re gifting what they feel might be appropriate.

Although you’ll want to do this in secret, when it’s all said and done, you’ll score some good points when the recipient of your gift finds out that you made a genuine effort to make it special.

3. Remember that timing is everything.

Along with giving the wrong gift for apparently the wrong reason, the other pitfall with jewelry is giving the right gift at the wrong time. Using the flowers and aftershave analogy again, while these gifts can be given pretty much anywhere at any time and be well received, jewelry demands an occasion.

While the basic rule of thumb is that the more impressive the jewelry, the more elaborate the occasion, the thing to keep in mind is that occasions come with strategic advantages for taking relationships to the next level.

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For example, if that third date has gone really well and you feel that more will follow, a small token of admiration presented appropriately can help improve your chances of prolonging the relationship. And if things are already moving forward in the seriousness department, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or the observance of a 90-day dating anniversary provide the perfect excuse to give a more personal or extravagant gift and have it be well received.

Giving the same gift with the same intentions but out of the context of a special occasion may end up creating an awkward moment, especially if the gift is perceived to be too expensive.

4. Refuse the urge to splurge.

It may sound like a cliché, but just because an item of jewelry costs more doesn’t make it mean more. Once you’ve determined the right gift for the right occasion, pick a reasonable price range and stick to it.

Don’t let the emotional factor in your purchase give you permission to spend more than you should. Doing so may actually cause your gift giving to backfire when the recipient of your extravagance recognizes that, although the item is very nice and desirable to own, it’s obviously beyond your budget.

5. Do comparison shopping to keep quality in tact.

Although the affordability of a gift of jewelry should always be considered, that doesn’t mean that quality needs to be sacrificed. Once you have an item in mind and a price range, do some serious comparison shopping. Many fine jewelry stores carry very nice items at competitive prices.

You should also consider previously owned pieces that, although every bit as nice as their new counterparts, come with a much lower price tag. More often than not, the recipient of your gift will appreciate your efforts to select a reasonably priced item without compromising on quality.

Remember, if you’ve been true to your means and the measure of your relationship, the real value of the gift is in the giving. And if all else fails, it’s a good idea to keep the receipt.

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