5 Tips To Create A Great Online Dating Profile

Your online dating profile is your ticket to success in finding your love interest.


Your online dating profile is a snapshot of who you are. It's purpose is to attract someone wonderful. Don't be afraid to spend some time and effort creating an inviting picture of yourself. It will pay off. Be authentic! Be courageous! When creating your online dating profile take your time and be thoughtful. This is the only piece of information your prospective suitor has, make it a true representation of who you are. Enjoy the process. Be creative. Here are five tips to help you create a truly inviting profile.

1. Authenticity is key. Who are you? This is a wonderful question, give it some thought. Brainstorm with yourself. Have fun with this process. List five words that represent you and develop those ideas. Resist the temptation to say things you think will attract a partner, rather than paint a picture of who you really are. What you want is to attract someone who will be enticed by the unique person that is you.

2. Be positive. Showcase your strengths. What makes you unique? Don't be afraid to get personal. Tell them what you are passionate about and what is important to you. We all know human's are not perfect. You don't have to warn them about your imperfections. As your relationship grows there will be plenty of time to expose your challenges, after trust has been established and you feel safe. Don't sabotage yourself, the profile is meant to attract, not repel :-)

3. Get some help. Ask someone who knows and loves you to write a few sentences that describe your essence. You may be surprised at their insights. We often miss key characteristics of our own personality that are vital and inviting. If your friend is a good writer all the better. Ask them to take a look at your profile and help you spice it up.

4. Use proper grammar and punctuation. In the online dating world your profile makes a statement about how important this effort is to you. Have someone proof read your work. It is easy to miss mistakes when you are concentrating on content. I would advise against using “texting language”, instead use complete, well thought out sentences.

5. Use current photos! Make it fun. Do a photo shoot with a friend. Wear your favorite clothes. Go to your favorite spots. If you are shy or insecure about your physical appearance try to use pics that showcase all sides of  your personality. Your true beauty will show through. Again, be authentic here. If you use a sexy pic because you think it will attract someone, but you are offended by early sexual advances, then don't send that message.


*Bonus hint about online dating in general.* Resist the temptation to judge people by their photos only! Don't press that delete button prematurely. This is really big. Give individuals a chance to tell you who they are. Take the opportunity to feel their energy and get to know them, or at the very least read their whole profile. I do not love the people that are close to me because of their physical appearance only. I love them for many reasons. Some of those reasons are because they are thoughtful, sensitive, caring, gentle, intelligent, fun, loyal, insightful, deep, spiritual, affectionate, supportive, grounded, resourceful, or sexy. It takes time and communication for those special traits to reveal themselves. Think of this online dating endeavor as an opportunity to make friends and meet new people. Going in with that attitude will increase your chances of finding a love interest and take the pressure off :-).