5 Irresistible Ways To Get (And Keep) ANY Man's Attention

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How to be an 'It' girl in the dating world.

Getting the guy you want to fall in love with you won’t work, but understanding yourself and how you contribute to your result in life will. If you want the guy of your dreams to fall madly in love with you, you need to think about who you are in the relationship and how your behavior affects how he sees you.

Here are a few ideas that will make men want to stay with you forever:

1. Allow Him To Take On The Manly Role

When it comes to how you show up on a date and how you express who you are as a person, be feminine in your relationship. This means no suggesting where you should go on a date and no controlling the outcome of every interaction you have with him. Give him the space to take the initiative, and try to resist the temptation to control the dating process. Allow him to do what he needs to win your affection. Allow him to call you, allow him to plan where you meet and what you do. Allow him to win you over by letting him act like the man. Don’t take the role for him.

2. Let Him Impress You

Now that you’ve given him that space, let him use it to impress you. Let him decide where he’s taking you, whether he wants to pay for the meal, come and collect you, or surprise you with a great date. Be OK with it, even if it’s way outside your comfort zone. This is the part where the man falls in love with you. A man takes longer than you to develop an emotional connection. Remember, men are either into you or they are not. A man who wants you will make this extra effort to impress you, so let him.

3. Show Interest In Him

Despite popular advice and no matter what your friends tell you, hear my words. You need to let him know you’re interested in him. Being weird or acting indifferent is not going to find you love. Playing hard to get or mind games means you"re losing him or setting yourself up for a bad boyfriend.

Instead, thank him for his efforts, thank him for organizing the date, thank him for taking you out and paying for the meal, and tell him you enjoyed his company. Healthy, confident women who like themselves have no problem expressing their feelings, and, therefore, you're one of those women. Be quality!

4. Make Him Feel Special

Have you ever been around somebody who lights you up inside and makes you feel really good? Imagine if you had the skills to leave every date with him wanting more. You can, and it starts by showing up as a confident, sexy, smart woman who makes him feel good. You need to leave him with that feeling every time he’s with you by showing up as fun, light, conversational, appreciative, interesting and like a breath of fresh air. So leave your problems and self-defeating beliefs at the door; this is self-mastery. Be amazing. Be the best he's ever dated.

5. Let Go And Just Enjoy His Company

Forget yesterday, forget tomorrow and forget yourself. Just live in the moment. When you first hang out with that hot new guy, all you need to care about is learning who he is and what he's about. Just enjoy his company now. No matter what he says or does, the secret is not changing yourself for a man but being the kind of person who you want to attract.

So let go of your inner inhibitions. I promise you, if you spend more of your mental energy on growing into that quality woman, why wouldn’t a guy want to go out with you? You will have the guy you want, and he'll only have eyes for you.

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