6 Powerful Ways To Navigate The Dating Scene


Crap, I like him! Now What?

Navigating the dating phase can be tricky, scary and confusing. Finally you meet a guy you actually like, so now what? It is easy to know what to do when you are not that into him. After all, who cares if he does not reply but when you like him, oh crap, can someone help me here.

  1. The Follow Up Firstly put your main focus here. How is he following up with you? The clue is always in the follow up. Did he ask you out again? Are his words and actions a match? Is he trying to please you? Has he reached out to you between the dates? If all your answers are yes, this is exciting! Now follow these 5 guidelines to keep it so………
  2. Don’t listen to your girlfriends Girls think like girls and men think like men. If you want to know how to react, act and be around a man. Then ask a man what to do, ask him all the tricky girly questions you have in your head. Ask him what to do next and act accordingly. It is best to ask a man who is in a loving stable relationship or at least someone who is on his way to one. Asking a poor person how to be rich will not make you rich because the poor person is as ignorant as you are. So go to a reliable source and leave your girlfriends behind.
  3. Be comfortable with the uncomfortable You're pacing your bedroom wondering what the hell is he thinking, you really would like to reach out to him, but you know the consequences of your action would be devastating. Well stop yourself just there and learn to practice some self-discipline. If he wants to call, he will indeed call. If he wants to ask you out again, he will say it. Take comfort in the fact that men who are interested don’t leave you sitting in your head, they do take action. So be comfortable with the uncomfortable because you know that men who care will step up, men who don’t won't.  The ride to true love is going to be uncomfortable any true love is, but let me reassure you he will be well worth it.
  4. Be Present On Every Date You want to give that guy the best experience ever, he wants to be running home with a smile on his face because he spent the day laughing and joking with you. Yes, you the wonderful delightful person you are. This is the way you must feel about yourself. And if you do, he will pick up on this too. Be present, be real and give him a good experience because he spent the day in your company.
  5. Show Appreciation When the man picks up the check, say thank you; thank him for the fun evening. By doing this you are showing him that you appreciate his generosity, his time and that you are a quality person who notices these things about him. This demonstrates to him, that you are confident and comfortable being treated well and acknowledge his efforts. He will love this about you.
  6. Remember It’s The Discovery Stage Let go of the outcome, let go of analyzing his every word and stop overthinking it. This is the discovery stage. This is the stage where two people take the time to get to know each other little by little, get on with your busy life. It is very easy when the cupid arrow hits your butt to get lost in the exciting feeling of being loved up! And forgetting that your world functioned very well before you met him. Take a deep breath and keep yourself at bay. Chemistry passes and the real man will show, so remember to keep your job, your life and everything else exactly as it is and let the relationship reveal itself over time.

Navigating the dating phase can be a minefield but I know with these six sure proof ways, you are well on your way to finding love. Men like you are anxious to find the one. The man, who finds you attractive, is excited to see you will reveal his interest in his ability to follow up and put you first. So remember dating is the discovery stage, a stage for you to shine and show him your best self while remembering to be okay with the feeling of not knowing what is about to happen next.

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