5 Hot Locations For A First Date

Ready for a first date?

So you got a hot date and you are ready to rock, but you don't know where to go for your big first date huh? Well, no worries, we have got you covered. Check out the list of the best first dates locations below and see if you think you can pull off the most amazing first date of your life, just by going to the right spot to make the mood right. You can always take your new friend to a dinner and a movie, but that has become to cliche for most young people. If you are looking to really impress your date you may have to do something a little different. The ideas below are just to get your creative juices flowing, you donít have to go to these exact spots, but they are some hot locations to plan one of your best first dates ever.

1. Concerts - There are a few reasons that concerts are great. Everybody loves music and while the bands are rocking out on stage you can be taking your dates temperature without the need to make a lot of small talk. If you are old enough, most concert venues offer adult drinks and this never hurts when it comes to breaking the ice either.

2. Picnic By The Water - It makes no difference if it is a lake, river or ocean, as long as its not by a sewer! Water is one of those things that make since for a couple reasons, it releases negative ions which make people feel good, it is appealing the eye, it can also be a conversation piece and most importantly it always leads to the conversation about skinny dipping.

3. Ice Cream Shops/Coffee Shops - No neither of these locations make me think ìhotî either, but when it comes down to it, a first date can be a little strange. Going to a neutral location makes both parties feel comfortable and this is a great place to start an open dialog and start planning on where you want to spend the rest of the day or evening with your new found partner.

4. The Mall - It should be no surprise, guys you all know the ladies love to shop. Why not start off where they love to be in the first place. Another great neutral zone to start getting to know each other, just donít get caught with your eyes wandering. Most malls have a lot to do, you may buy her something small and then you can grab a bite or take part in other activities that may be available at a shopping mall. You know they have one of those little photo booths, so smile!

5. The Zoo - It does not make a difference if you are an animal lover or not, there is something very special about going to the Zoo. Being around animals can teach you a lot about each other while you are enjoying the wild beasts you may want to start planning your evening together and what better place to sneak a kiss than at in the dark rooms where they keep the reptiles right?

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