Statistics Lie: Money Has Never Been The Cause Of Divorce

Statistics Lie: Money Has Never Been The Cause Of Divorce
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Would you like to money proof your marriage? Start by realizing everything you've been told is wrong

According to a new info-graphic by Credit Donkey, once married, the biggest daily disagreements couples have revolve around money (outranking even in-laws, chores and sex). It’s time to set this statistic right once and for all. Money is never why two people fall out of love and end their relationship. 

Money is just the best measurable scapegoat for why relationships fail; which is why many studies claim it’s the top cause for divorce. The truth is, couples break-up over reasons deeper than their finances.

The story reads something like this: Well-intentioned lifelong commitments made with only a handful of facts, love hormones and new relationship energy pulsing through each person, with little courageous discovery and acceptance of what each partner wants from a committed partnership in sight. The result? Failed marriages.

With a union fueled by chemistry, which in itself is a dangerously misleading drug, the result is the unknowing overlooking of signs that there could be trouble ahead.

The love drugs appear to wear off when poor communication, unmatched lifestyles and boring and unfulfilling sex begins to set in. These very subjective factors—not easily definable or identifiable, can be tricky. The balance of your bank account isn’t mysterious.

Understanding how your partner handles and feels about money is vey important but lets not make it the scapegoat.

Still convinced money is the not the cause? Test it out. Find a friend that says they left their partner because of money issues and ask them what happened. Keep Reading...

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