13 Ways Your Life Will Get WAY Better Once You Learn To Trust Again

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It's a journey that begins with you.

"In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond. So hold the hand of the person you love, rather than expecting them to hold yours."


What would life look like if trust was not an issue? How would you relate to yourself and others? Would you live better if you could figure out how to build trust in your relationships?

How would you describe your inner and outer world? What would your relationships with your family, friends and the most intimate partner in your life look like?

When I let my imagination take me beyond all that distrust brings, this is what comes to mind:

  • I would be free.
  • I would feel safe and secure.
  • I would let people lean on me and allow myself to lean on others.
  • I would openly share myself without the apprehension of being misunderstood or judged.
  • I would have an intimate, loving relationship without the fear of losing it.
  • I would be happy and satisfied.
  • I would feel loved and know my love was also received.
  • I would know that we all are connected and that our inherent nature is good.
  • I would not blame or judge myself or others.
  • I would not see the world as a harsh or suspicious place.
  • I would live in peace and harmony.
  • I would celebrate life.
  • I would see every human being as magical.

Our Humanness

My trust issues go way back.

Unfortunately, like most of us, I learned to distrust and expect betrayal while growing up and that rippled through my life in many forms. My trust was violated at a very early age and I distrusted my mother who was disappointed that I wasn't born a boy. 

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The image is vivid. As a baby, I reach out to my mom. She turns her face and body away from me. I try to get her attention again with no response. I don't give up. I reach out again to see her expressionless, cold face. I give up.

Disappointment turns to despair. I need her and she is not there. My trust in her is broken. I decide I don't need anybody because people let you down when you need them the most.

My father was an alcoholic and very unpredictable. I kept many secrets of painful events that I was not able to share with anyone. There was no trust in that parental relationship either. My relationship with God was also broken.

I was told that God sent mothers who did the work for Him. He loved people who were good, but bad people were punished in a "unique" way. I was sure I was the latter.

The person I trusted most growing up was my father's sister. But I couldn't be totally open with her that I was molested and sexually abused at a young age. I thought I might, but she died at age 55, leaving me with a deep-seated loneliness.

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My world was split. My inner world was full of wonder and curiosity, eager to be shared and recognized. While my outer world was dangerous, scary and judgmental. To survive, I approached life with a fearless, rock-solid heart and never showed sorrow on the battlefield.

Life was gracious to me. I was surrounded by great guidance and led to a spiritual path. Life became a question to explore. For instance, "How can I improve my relationship with the phenomenal world I am immersed in? How can I have joy and happiness and make the world a better place to live in?"

Distrust has a significant impact on both parties in a human relationship. Without trust, there is no intimacy or love. Conflicts are either avoided or erected constantly from nowhere.

What is trust? We learn from past experiences and determine who we are today and how we relate to each other. "I am scared to get hurt entering into a new relationship," or "I have to protect myself, and be emotionally withdrawn."

Osho, a spiritual teacher, says "Trust is a quality in you. Trust is your inner growth. Trust is certainly a higher value than love. Trust cannot be without love. But love can be without trust, and a love without trust is ugly; deep down it has all kinds of jealousies, suspicions, and distrust."

The Journey that Starts with You

When trust is deeply violated, we first lose trust in ourselves. We believe something is wrong with us because otherwise, the people who harmed us wouldn't have done so in the first place. Regaining trust in myself and others has been a process in my journey.

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The process of recovering trust began when I started my daily meditation practice. In meditation, we make friends with what we reject, with what we see as bad in ourselves and in other people. Sitting on the cushion, we see our thoughts rise, we touch them and we let them go without judgment. This daily practice allowed me to develop more compassion for myself.


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I was surrounded by people who supported me for who I really was, which supplanted my own negative assessments, judgments, and opinions about myself. They related to me as a "real person" rather than the victim of my circumstances. I saw my past as series of painful events that had left scars around my heart but did not make me a bad person. Keep Reading......

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