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Relationship Coach: How Schedules Can Help Your Love Life

A tidy, organized schedule full of fun surprises makes for a happy love life.

Have you been thinking you need to organize yourself to get more accomplished? Have you been trying to figure out how to have time for the fun things you want to do? Do you struggle to get motivated? Do you feel overwhelmed with a large task list? Are you swamped by all the ideas I've given you for your relationship and don't know where to start?

You're not alone, and there is help. I coined the term "theming" to help you get ship-shape and organizationally savvy.

How does it work? For example, I "theme" my work week. There are some jobs I want or need to do consistently for my business, so I assigned a day for each of those things. Here's how it looks:

  • Media Monday: schedule and handle all my social media
  • Tidy-up Tuesday: straighten and clean my condo, home office, and charts
  • Writing Wednesday: just what it sounds like: any writing for that week
  • "Teh" Thursday: a tongue-in-cheek play on social media, this is when I handle blog traffic
  • Follow-up Friday: my priority is to contact anyone I need to and followup with unfinished business.

Because I know what I'm to do each day, it takes stress out of choosing what I "should" be doing. One client pointed out theming is like being in college and knowing that "today I have physics, English, and psychology." In college you knew what classes to expect each day of the week, so you could be physically and mentally prepared.

You are welcome to apply this idea to your work week or your free time; however, I suggest you come up with ways to use "theming" in your relationship. Just as I am more productive at work because I know what to expect and do each day, you can reap the same benefits for your relationship.

Here are fun suggestions for relationship theming:

  • Memory Monday: spend time reminiscing positively (preferably together) about your relationship or life
  • Mobile Monday: use your mobile devices to show your love, or alternatively do something active/mobile
  • Talking Tuesday: spend time talking about the things you think are important in your relationship
  • Teasing Tuesday: a day of healthy humor
  • Wonderful Wednesday: share with each other the little things that make your relationship wonderful
  • Whimsical Wednesday: get each other fanciful or quirky gifts
  • Flirty Friday: flirt all day with your partner
  • Follow Through Friday: do the things you said you would this week and haven't yet
  • Sexy Saturday: Dress as attractively as you can, flirt, and let the rest follow
  • Simple Saturday: Spend today being together doing something simple
  • Smiley Sunday: Take every opportunity to genuinely smile at your partner, share jokes if that helps
  • Someday Sunday: Talk about your dreams, goals, and wishes.

As you can see, I like the added fun of alliteration. What other fun themed days can you come up with? Please let everyone know in the comments, and try "theming" to create the rewarding relationship and life you so deserve.

Here's to great themes!

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