Saying Just A Few Right Things On A First Date


It’s true, making sure you say just a few of the right things on a first date can make all the diffe

But before we get into the few things you should say on that first date, let’s get some of the first date preparation basics out of the way: First, we should all know our grooming obstacles and know enough to have taken care of them. Again, I can’t stress this enough, if your nails are not cut (biting does not count as cut), nose hair not trimmed or eyebrows unkempt, saying all the right things will be falling on deaf ears. 

Second, We have planned what we will be doing on the date and know this is about fun and having an opportunity to get to know one another.

Thirdly, We also know to be ourselves and not be too comfortable by let say, dropping the "F" bomb in every other sentence.  You want your date to be able to focus on your words without distractions. So, if a friend were to ask her how the date went, what did you guys talk about? Her answer won’t be “I don’t really remember, all I recall is “F THIS,”  “F THAT” and that’s just “F’d Up.”   

Oh, just one more thing, some of you might be asking what makes me such an expert? I am happy to answer that: my advice is not coming from the successful first dates I have had, but rather my nearly 50 first date failures or to be more accurate my many mediocre first dates as a newly divorced/single guy in NYC.  Sometimes, you can learn a lot more with your failures than your successes. 

Let’s get started, for this conversation, notice; we are staying on the positive side of things and focusing on what to say as opposed to what not to say.  We are also making assumptions that you like this person and enjoy their company. And remember these words are good dating etiquette, NOT MOVES! 
These are the areas we will be touching on: The Opening, The Body Of The Date or the midway point and the Close. 

  1. First, The Opening: Say something sweet! This is easy and really important as it serves as your springboard to get things moving in the right direction and it’s something you have total control over.  Examples: While looking in her eyes tell her with a smile that she looks pretty, NOT “Smoking” or “Hot” or anything that clearly paints a picture of you wanting her for just one thing 

  2. Make sure you say something funny, get her to laugh, even if she’s laughing at you. Let her know you not only have a sense of humor but you are making an effort to impress her at the expense of possibly making a fool of yourself. Please, don’t over do it and know when to stop. 

  3. Finally, the close. You know what you want to happen next and she should know that you feel that way. Hopefully, she feels the same way as well, but ask her to come back to your place for a drink, but ask only once and listen to what she has to say. Whether taking her back to your place was in the cards or your date was ending after her saying, “I am not into one night stands” the last thing you MUST say to her is how much you enjoyed yourself and enjoyed being with her and if she would like to go out again? 

Hope these tips help turns that first date into a second date.