Smooching In Public? Honolulu Leads The Top 10 List For PDA


Chemistry lists the Top 10 best and worst list of cities for public displays of affection., the online dating site operated by IAC/ has released their Top 10 Most and Least Popular U.S. Cities for Public Displays of Affection, more affectionately referred to as PDA. Honolulu, Hawaii, known as one of the most romantic vacation spots ranks as the #1 location where you’ll be more comfortable as you drool all over your sweetheart in public. The newly released list shows which 10 cities rank both as the highest and lowest on the affection totem pole.

According to Chemistry’s single members, while Honolulu is the top city for singles to feel the most comfortable about public displays of affection (PDA), surprisingly, Reno and Las Vegas and several sunshine cities in Florida are in the top 10 where singles feel the least comfortable with PDA.

Other cities in the Top 10 most affectionate list include Pittsburgh, Lexington, Charleston, New York, Fresno, Waco, Cedar Rapids, Syracuse, and Des Moines.

Biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, chief scientific advisor to the dating site, says, “PDA is more than just public passion; it is a highly visible social signal telling others who belongs to whom.”

PDA comes in several basic forms including holding hands, kissing in public, and hugging.

For the complete list of the Top 100 cities, visit their blog at The Spark.

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