The Top 3 Questions Every Woman Must Ask


This article describes the 3 best questions a woman can ask to find out if a guy is worth her time.

Have you ever been in a relationship with a guy only to discover months or years down the road that you were not a good fit for each other?

Were there questions you had or things you saw that you never addressed?

Well, I have found that if you are afraid to ask a question it's because you are afraid of the answer you will receive.

While I can understand this mentality, it makes no sense to me. I would rather know the truth today and deal with it than avoid the truth only to find out later. Wouldn't you?

I'm not big in wasting time and my expereince has shown me that anytime we avoid dealing with things we ultimately come to a point in life where we have to...and more often than not at that time we cause ourselves much more pain than if we had dealt with things and asked the right questions sooner.

I have found that there are 3 questions you can ask a guy that will help you to figure out quickly if you are on the same page and if you should invest your time:

Now it's up to you. You can not ask these questions only to discover the answers months or years down the road. Or you can ask them right away, take your lumps and quickly put your focus onto finding the guy who will give you and show you the answers you are looking for.

Here are the top 3 questions you should ask:

1) Where would you like to be in 5 years? - asking a guy this question helps you to see if you share a similar vision for your future and if you are on the same page.

If a guy paints a picture of wanting the same things as you and he sounds straighforward than it would be wise to proceed.

If however, he gives you an answer which makes it clear that you are on diffetrent pages, there is only one thign for you to do...move on! 

That is unless you are one of those women who enjoys torturing herself.


2) What has your past dating and relationships been like? - this is a great question because it gives you great insight into whether he has any emotional baggage.

If he does nothing but slam women and talk about how crappy his love life is, isn't that telling you a lot about him?

Would you want to be in a relationship with someone that blames women and plays the role of victim (yes, some men do that too!) or would you rather be involvd with a guy that admits he has made some msitakes and some poor choices, yet admittedly has learned from them?

3) Why do you think you're still single?  This is a great question to see if the guyb is emotionally available and ready for a relationship.

Does he blame everyone and everything or does he simply say he hasn't  found the right one?

A guy who is emotionally ready for a long term committed relationship realizes that if he is going to spend the rest of his life with someone there needs to be more for him than the big boobs and hot sex!

He knows that being committed to somone is serious business and he is only willing to commit if he thinks he has found a person who will give him what he needs to be happy.

The best way to ask thse questions is to simply ask from a natural place of curiosity.

I alwasy find that prefacitng a question with : "I'm curious...' automatically puts the person at ease becuase they do ot feel like you are putting them on the spot and interrogating them.

When you are able to ask these questions and work them into you conversation without the guy even knowing you are screening him that is when you enter the world of the Smarter Daters.

If you have a hard time asking questions try using these 3 questions first because the more you do the easier it will be to discover the answers you are looking for.

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