How To Get A Life In 2014

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These changes will transform your new year's routine.

Did you spend the bulk of last year on your couch with your cat? Were most of your weekends decorated with boredom and solitude? Log off of FaceBook, shut down Instagram, and give your life a makeover. Here's how:

1. Get passionate—we all have something that ignites a spark within us. Love to cook? Take a class and expand your recipe repertoire. Are you an avid reader? Join a book club. Fanatical about fitness? Sign up for a marathon. The possibilities are endless and websites are popping up with the sole intention of pushing us towards our passions. Meet Up connects their users to local hobby groups that range from Vegetarian groups to Board Game enthusiasts.

2. Get friendly—yes, I am going to tell you—a working adult—to make new friends. And while the thought of stepping into unfamiliar territory might sound scary, the intimidating lunch table cliques no longer exist. And while we are cliché-ing, your old friends are still golden, so pick up the phone and call them.

3. Get charitable—what better way to spend your time than helping others in need? If you prefer animals to people, advocate for the local shelter. Whomever you decide to assist will be grateful and you just might enjoy yourself while making new friends (see #2.)

4. Get out there—as in travel. Book a flight or explore your hometown. The destination doesn't matter; it’s the act of discovering interesting places that will make you more interesting. I have a coffee connoisseur of a friend who makes it a point to sample java joints in her city and another whose passion for wings prompts city trips across the tri state area. Link your passion to your travels and your Saturdays will never be the same.

The takeaway of this list is to get out there and enjoy your life. (Your cat could use some alone time anyway.)

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