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7 Smart Ways To Romance Your Sweetie!

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Take the pressure off this Valentines and bring back romance.

Are you burning the midnight oil trying to figure out what to get your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Do you feel pressure instead of pleasure in having to prove your love each year?  The truth is romance doesn’t prove your love — it keeps it strong. Romance is an essential element of keeping the flame alive in your relationship.

Let’s face it; most of us don’t think we have the time or energy to prioritize romance in our lives. So we think about it a couple times a year perhaps around Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries.  The truth is romance should be experienced on a regular basis – daily. Luckily, romance doesn’t have a price tag nor does it need to consume an exuberant amount of time. In this tough economy, who says you can’t succeed in romance and strengthen your love?

Make romancing your Sweetie a habit. Take the pressure off:

  1.  Serenade him or her with your favorite romantic songs and videos. Check out You-tube and post on your sweetie’s Facebook wall, email or text. Get creative with different themes such as what your love means to you, taking it to the next level, missing you, spicing things up, apologies, etc.
  2.  Go with the classics: flowers and chocolates are always in fashion. If your sweetie is into novelty then don’t go for the red roses, change up the arrangements. How about showering your sweetie with bouquets of flowers each morning through picture text?  Does your sweetie prefer dark chocolates or chocolate dipped strawberries and cherries? Enjoy a romantic movie at home with your favorite slices of fruits, dip and chocolates.
  3.  Personal notes: communicate from your heart whether you email, text or fill the pages of a beautiful card.  These small gestures pack a big punch in speaking a love language for many.  Your words encourage and affirm your sweetie. So go ahead and express your love freely. Being generous with your words won’t cost you a penny.
  4.  Give her a day off: vacuum the floors, do the laundry, make her breakfast, fluff the pillows and throw in a massage and see her love radar go from 0 to 60.
  5.  Give him a day off: play hooky together and indulge in one of his favorite activities! Need I say more?
  6.  Have fun: If you can’t go away then recreate one of your favorite vacations -- at home.  To create the scene, get props at the local craft or party store. Serve a meal and drinks you would find in your destination. Play the kind of music you would hear there. Use candles or oils to recreate the scents and dress the part. Remember it’s about creating memories…so go ahead and laugh…take pictures… share them with your friends and family!
  7.  Little things score big: give the gift of time.  Listen and show your concern. Keep your word. Say please and thank you. Don’t assume – ask. Practice forgiveness. Be considerate and thoughtful. Always show appreciation. Never take your sweetie for granted and bring back romance!

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