Feel Closer To Your Partner — Follow This Simple Trick

Be closer

Connect with your partner by simply remembering each other's touch—IT'S WORTH IT!

According to this popular YouTube video, you can connect with literally anyone by simply looking into his or her eyes for four minutes. We can then assume that it would take less time to connect if you’re looking into our partner’s eyes.

When was the last time that you two slowed down enough to make eye contact? Not during a gripping session about your boss or complaining about the kids but—just truly looked into each other's eyes. 

It’s probably been months, years, or even decades ...

Why does it seem so difficult when it’s OBVIOUSLY so easy?

We get so wrapped up in switching our 'role' hats throughout the day that we simply forget that it’s the simplest of actions that draw us back together—AND—It takes work to change a pattern. 

Top three excuses couples use to explain their lack of effort:

  • Busy
  • Awkward
  • Kids

The phrase I’m busy, has hit it’s shelf-life, don’t ya think? Yes, we can assume that we’re busy BUT, is that truly a reason to neglect our relationship? 

Basically it comes to down to this, if we have time to scan our newsfeeds (by the hour) we have time to connect with our partner.

The awkwardness is understandable. We give everything to our kids, careers, and other extra-curricular activities. By the time we come home it sometimes seems easier to curl up and numb to our tablet, than to take the time to connect with our partner. 

But, the reality is, if you have neglected your relationship for some time, it'll be awkward—until it isn’t. 

Children … Yes, nature's living and breathing barrier between you and your partner. As a mom, I get it. That’s why I do it in front of them. 

Scientists support parents that show 'PG' rated affection. They report that it raises healthier children by making them feel safe and secure.

Take the Daily Connectors Challenge:

Think back to the beginning of your relationship and how euphoric it was to just be together. How you two touched, looked, and kissed each other.  

Do you want that bliss back?

Today, share this article with your partner and then agree together to do the challenge for 21-days. 

The Three Daily Connectors

  1. Touching
  2. Looking into each other’s eyes (10-second minimum)
  3. Kissing for more than 6 seconds 2X/Day

I want you to hold hands in the car, while shuttling the kids, kiss in the midst of the morning rush, and hold each other’s gaze before you drift off to sleep.

If you need more encouragement, watch this video. The feedback from the couples at the end is the only motivation you’ll ever need.

To learn more simple tricks to get the spark back in your relationship check out Back 2 Love, a book written to help couples get back to each other. Connect with Jessica on Twitter and Join in on the Facebook conversation.