The TRUTH About What Men Look For In Women

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Can't fight attraction.

It's common for women to wonder what a man is looking for when considering a relationship. I might not be able to speak for all men on this subject, but I think there is a common myth that needs to be addressed. Most women seem to think that the physical attraction is all that matters to us.  It may only matter to a shallow man, but most men like myself look for something more.

First and foremost, I pay attention to how a woman carries herself when we meet.  Is she polite, does she have friendly energy?

I am immediately turned off if a woman is overly aggressive.  I understand that some women work in certain fields where they have to compete with other men, so they tap into their masculine energy to survive in that corporate world.  When I am out on a date with a woman, I am not trying to compete with her.  I am simply there to get to know her and to enjoy the moment.

For me, good conversation is a must.  If you can engage me into an interesting conversation and keep my attention that is a big plus.  I am very conscious, so I notice if you are sincere enough to keep eye contact, while we speak.  If you can’t look me in the eyes during our conversation, I will feel as if you have something to hide and that you are not being honest with me.

I also love when a woman projects an energy that expresses that she is comfortable in her own skin, being exactly who she is.  If a woman loves herself, it let’s me know that she will be able to openly share her love with me.  When you love yourself, there is no need for you to be obsessive or possessive.  Therefore, I factor in that such a woman, would be less likely to go “Fatal Attraction” on me.

With all of this being said, there still has to be a physical attraction.  I would be lying if I said other wise, but for me, there has to be more.  I have dated beautiful models that could not attract me beyond their physical appearance.  I would rather be with a woman I find adorable, than a model type that doesn’t have an engaging personality.  If I choose to be in a relationship with a woman, it is because, I am attracted to all of her, not just one aspect of her. 

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