Planning a Hiking Date, Follow these Instructions

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Essentials for a hiking date

Here are the essentials needed for a succesful hiking date

There is more to planning a hiking date than what meets the eye. First you have to consider if your date would be interested in a more casual and fun date versus a dinner and drinks. Then you have to think what number date would be appropriate. And after passing these two hurdles, what do you wear? What should you bring? What fun gear should you have?

Going on a hike, let alone a hiking date, isn’t for everyone. Since a hiking date is more casual than a traditional dress up go out type of date, you have to make sure that your date is comfortable not looking her best and maybe getting a little sweaty. Going on a hike probably shouldn’t be a first date option as, “the average girl is more accustomed to the more typical non-cardio workout first a date of coffee, drinks or dinner.” says Lori Salkin, matchmaker and dating coach at Saw You At Sinai. Going on a ‘physical’ (no not sexual) based date should be saved at least for date number four or five, as at this point “most individuals in a new relationship start to exhale and can actually begin to enjoy dating and getting to know one another,” says Salkin.

After three or four dates, both parties are more open to being vulnerable doing something new together and can act more like their true real selves. People become comfortable messing up their perfectly groomed hair, getting some dirt on their shoes or god forbid even a little sweaty!

Although you may be getting a little sweaty, you still want to look your best as you are still on a date! You may still want to be fashionable but in this case function trumps fashion. Starting from the ground up, you should wear proper footwear that provide support and are not slippery. Leave your fashionable sneakers or flats at home and pick up a pair of hiking shoes, like Eddie Bauers Ridgeline® Trail Pro for men and Lukla Lightweight Hiker for women, that are both functional while also not looking like ‘hiking shoes’.

And when it comes to clothing, pick clothes that wick away sweat. Although you are on a date, you still do want to try to look (and smell) your best! Girls can still look cute, and pick either the more athletic look or casual look, both appropriate for a hiking date. For the active look, HYLETE’s  Spring’ Stratus Collection featuring its Insignia Racer Tank and Invex II Crop leggings are a good option to show your date you are ready for the challenge ahead. For the more casual look, prAna’s Tatum Capri’s paired with their Dreaming Top and Parker Sweater offers a casual brunch look post workout. For guys the active look can be a nice pair of workout shorts like ultimate “cross-over” short, the Verge Flex-Woven Zip Pocket Short paired with Eddie Bauer’s Men's Quantum Short-Sleeve T-Shirt; while the casual look can be Lululemon’s Kahuna Shorts, which are stylish and practical, and can be paired with the Metal Vent Tech Polo. Lastly in terms of what to wear, if you are going on a morning hike when it is a bit brisk, dress in layers and put on a light-weight jacket like prAna's Reeve Jacket for women and Eddie Bauer’s High Route fleece PO for men

Other essentials include: water bottle, sunglasses, snacks and a backpack to carry everything in.

Water bottle - The 1L Stash™ Collapsible Water Bottle by Hydrapak is ideal for hiking thanks to its ability to collapse down to the size of a hockey puck once empty. It is durable, flexible, leak-proof and is 50% lighter than a hard bottle so it doesn’t weigh as much in your hiking pack.

Sunglasses - Instead of squinting throughout the the hike, try Under Armour’s new performance eyewear collection that features a proprietary lens called STORM that protects the eye from cumulative and irreversible sun damage from harmful UVA/B/C rays. STORM lenses are also resistant to sunscreen, bug spray and salt water.

Snacks - CLIF and LUNA bars are essential nutrition for a hike because they offer the necessary nutrients and protein to keep you fully energized for your hiking adventure. CLIF Bars are s packed with a great source of protein and fiber with 11 vitamins and minerals while LUNA bars include calcium, folic acid, and vitamin D, which are often lacking in women’s diets, and especially important to keep replenished when exercising.

Backpack - Eddie Bauer’s Bygone 25 Pack is not a high-tech-gear-freak type of bag that will give an aggressive impression to your date. It’s classic and modern design gives off the casual vibe while still having enough space and compartments to put all of your hiking items.

And for those that want to have a little vino at the summit, the Vapur Wandervino Collection features the flexible Vintage Wine Carrier and reusable stemless govino "go-anywhere" glasses.

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