All I Need To Show My UNDENIABLE Love For Him Is To Just LISTEN

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True Love Couple

…and there’s one AMAZING reason why.

Yesterday, my husband said something so very sweet to me after singing his (unique) rendition of Can't Help Falling In Love With You (originally sung by Elvis Presley).

"I know I can't sing, but I only want to sing for you. Right? I can't sing?" He looked at me with such big, earnest, eyes.   

My mind was going, "Well ... it's out of tune by most standards," but I couldn't bear to tell him that because I was MELTING with his love. He was singing SO happily — pouring out all his love into the lyrics.  

And you know what? I'm so happy I never complained to him about being out of tune throughout all his singing episodes in our home in the past 4+ years. Why? Because I always felt the ENERGY of his love for me whenever he sang.  

So why do I bother to write about this "little" event? Because I don't just want to TELL you to focus on what's brings you peace. I don't just want to say, "look out for the little joys amidst what may look like not-good-enough." No. Instead I want to SHOW you what it means to seize the opportunity to be more at peace in your every day life.

My husband's singing is just a simple example — but one that is easy to overlook. 

To be honest — I know I would've let his out-of-tuneness get the better of me in the past. My past self would've gotten angry, easily covered my ears and said something like, "Can't you just STOP singing? It hurts my ears!" 

It would've absolutely killed a beautiful moment right in its tracks. And probably killed all other future opportunities to profess his love for me like so.


Honestly, until he said those words to me yesterday, I never knew if he knew he was out of tune. Whenever he sang — in my mind — I'd always purposefully chosen to see another point of view —that he has his own unique musical scale. That he feels good singing. 

That I can find my own way of being at peace with it completely without asking him to keep it to himself.  

The truth is, I want him to sing. I LOVE that he can feel good this simple way. I can see his face all lit up, shining — just HAPPY.


I'm content seeing him like that. So I just focus on my contentment seeing him so happy. In us both aligning to our individual and shared happiness this way at the same time, harmony between both of us gets a giant boost.  

So what if I love being in tune? It matters not at this particular moment. I'm here to enjoy whatever blessing this moment brings to our relationship. 

This moment brought me the clarity of seeing his beautiful love for me. I could've missed it if not for one thing — the choice to listen up, to look out for beauty in my life — however ordinary it may be.


There's such POWER in listening to our own, true heart. Our heart sees beauty. It was from listening to my heart that I was guided to focus on what my husband really wanted to express behind the song — his big, unconditional love for me. This is what I call, SOLID GOLD!  

Oh and here's something else that really tickled me — my husband told me recently, "You know, when you first cooked for me a few years ago, it was TASTELESS. But it was still SO good. Because I felt all your love in it for me."


So what is this one thing that can lead us back to feeling truly ALIVE again? Simply be on the active look out for the GOLD in the people and situations around us. Every. Single. Day. 

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