5 OMG Reasons Social Media Is Actually GOOD For Your Relationship

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It is far from common to say social media has ever been beneficial in the dating world.

Snapchat top friends used to be visible, causing fights and jealousy for couples. Instagram has a stalker feed that allows you to see what photos your friends are liking and who they start following. And Twitter has that sometimes problematic tagging feature.

But don’t let this negativity fool you because social media isn’t all that bad for your relationship. It can actually be beneficial.

Actress Amanda Seyfried is living proof that something like Instagram can be a catalyst, if anything, for a new fling. She recently admitted that she fell for her boyfriend, Justin Long, because of a funny picture he posted on his account.

“I followed him on Instagram,” Seyfried told Vogue. “And I thought something he said was really funny. It was a beautiful picture of a snail, and the caption said, ‘F—king MOOOOOOOOVE.’ It made me laugh out loud, so I texted him.” It was love at first Instagram.

The way we are all so connected through social media these days can be scary, but it makes the dating much easier and far more entertaining. It even adds an extra dimension to relationships, often in the best way.

Here are five reasons why social media is actually GOOD for couples:

1. You can meet someone with the touch of a button.

With the rise of technology, especially the increase in the use of social media and smartphones as modes of communication for everything, the dating world has gotten much larger and more accessible. These days, if you see someone you might be interested in on a platform like Instagram or Twitter, you can simply direct message them. You could always just follow them, too, if you’re trying to go with a more subtle approach.

The point is, you have the ability to find a partner and fall in love over social media with the touch of a button. Couples have done it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and blogs of every kind, so who says you can’t do the same. Hell, even Amanda Seyfried, a big-time actress, fell in love over social media.

2. You can laugh with each other.

Maintaining light-hearted conversation and humor in a relationship is so important to maintaining a healthy bond. There are a number of funny accounts on Instagram and Twitter that have endless feeds of videos, tweets and photos that will make you laugh until you cry. If you look at these things together just for a good laugh, it’ll lighten the mood and truly make you feel happy.

Learning to be comfortable with each other and laugh about things together will easily take your relationship to another level.

3. You can show off to the outside world.

If you have to keep something a secret, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. This rule especially applies to relationships because when you truly care for someone and you are proud to be with them, it’s natural to want to show them off. Because of social media, we are able to show just how happy we are to be with our significant other, essentially marking our territory and making other people jealous.

You can even make your partner feel special by making cute posts for his/her birthday and other holidays (or just taking candid photos of them to show how much you appreciate spending time together. You strengthen one another through this and really gain a new sense of respect.

4. You can reminisce together.

For those of you who enjoy reminiscing as much as I do, you know social media is the perfect thing to have on hand when you’re feeling nostalgic, which, in this case, is probably often. Pictures, status updates, videos and tweets are just some of the things you can use to remember some of the best moments of your relationship.

Social media allows you to do things like see the exact day you went on that kayaking adventure, remember what those animals looked like from the zoo visit or even remind yourself how much happiness you felt on your Valentine’s Day date together. Remembering the good moments always helps the bad moments pass quickly.

5. You can get to know each other better AND faster.

Social media is so useful because it serves as a way of self-expression and it conveys how someone shares their personality with the outside world. While it does not completely define someone, it truly gives you an inside look at how your partner wants others to see them.

You get to see a side of him/her that you normally wouldn’t in generic conversation, which allows room for growth and relationship development.

Before ruling social media out as something that will do nothing but destroy your relationship, give it a chance to positively promote things like laughter, connections and memories. You no longer have to rely on friends’ introductions or blind dates to help you find love.

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